Poor almanah asks public for help – campaign verified by Rav

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Help support a widow whose financial burden is threatening her entire household and stability. After the untimely passing of her husband, she supported her family as the primary source of income. She recently fell, and had to have costly operations on both of her hands. Since then, her income has dwindled, and even after physiotherapy, her hands are not back to normal. DONATE NOW!

Debts that she isn’t able to repay are accumulating, and the sum of 100,000 Shekel is needed to repay debts before proceedings begin. This in turn will put her on a financial plan to help herself and her family through this tough time.

Have rachmonim and extend a hand so that she won’t collapse, and be blessed with all the blessings in the Torah for those that care and support almanos.

This campaign is verified by Rabbi Chanoch Davidman.