She Couldn’t Believe There Were Other Girls With Stories Like Hers

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“I never met my real parents– I was born an orphan. I was passed along from family to family, never having a place to call home…Never having someone to come home to at the end of a hard day. Now I am twenty and Boruch Hashem I am a kallah! But I am feeling the loss of my parents more than ever, with no one in the world to help me buy the basic things I need to get married, or to help me build something I’ve pined for years to have– Family. Thank you so, so much to anyone who donates. This means everything to me.” – Shoshana K.*

This is a heartbreaking story from a young woman who is struggling to gather the finances she needs to get married this month. A small group of brides & grooms who have lived their whole lives in poverty after losing their parents have been brought before Rav Reuven Elbaz, a famously admired Dayan who is one of the most respected leaders of the Sephardi public. He was so moved by their plight that he filmed the following heartfelt video request on their behalf:


This upcoming month, Shoshana and 17 other orphans will either get married and be able to finally have families to call their own- Or they will crumble under the burden. Click here to help 18 Jewish orphans build their family and homes, and you will G-d-willing see Rav Elbaz’s powerful blessing come true before your very eyes! 

*Details have been changed to protect privacy