Keeping Your Children Safe Is Up to You

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Large blocks of unstructured time. Days outdoors until the streetlights come on. Unfamiliar places and people. The summer is the best time of the year for kids, but along with that comes a heightened level of danger. 

So, what are you doing to keep your kids safe? 

Numerous studies indicate that research-based child safety discussions with your children, combined with parental supervision are among the most effective things you can do to protect them.  

In 2011, ArtScroll and Bright Beginnings co-published the groundbreaking “Let’s Stay Safe” child-safety book to provide parents the essential tools to have informed, effective safety conversations with their children about protecting their personal space.  

The book became an instant best-seller and is currently in over 130,000 Jewish homes worldwide. The book has also since been translated to Yiddish and Hebrew for maximum reach.  

In a mission to keep every child in every community safe, ArtScroll and Bright Beginnings have now teamed up to offer this crucial book at a discounted price for bulk purchases — $5 per book with free shipping for any order of 100 books or more. 

Learn more and order your copies of “Let’s Stay Safe” now at