Bonei Olam Vzakeini to Make History this Erev Shavous


Vzakeini is a global movement that started at zero and over the last 3 years has grown to over 44,000 participating women! Each week, 2 childless couples’ IVF treatments are covered by the $1 contributions that are drawn at licht benching as the women also include the couple’s names in their Tefilos at this auspicious time.  For the next few weeks, you’ll notice that one of the Vzakeini couples will be the same.


Until 5 years ago, women born without a uterus would never become a mother.

But a groundbreaking medical procedure–that some might call a miracle–changed their reality.

This week’s Vzakeini couple never imagined they could be parents until last year when Bonei Olam’s medical team was finally able to bring uterine transplants to our community after years of effort.

Last month, the first Jewish uterine transplant in our community was a success! A woman who previously had no uterus and no hope, gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Since then, Bonei Olam has received numerous requests from women who never contemplated motherhood before and who with a successful transplant can build families of their own.

This uterine transplant (which also requires IVF treatment) is a very costly procedure and so it will take a few weeks of our pooled resources to cover the costs. The gain is motherhood itself, and for this couple and the generations that can come from them, the answer is obvious.

We will help them and we will daven for their success.

If you are not yet part of Vzakeini, you can join by clicking here to be part of this historic endeavor.

Even with Vzakeini funding, the costs for this transplant are astronomical. There are many steps and costs even before the actual transplant procedure begins.

Please help us (if you can) by donating additionally towards this pricey treatment by clicking HERE.