After Surviving Something Horrific, This Boy Is Returning To Yiddishkeit

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This past week Odessa, Ukraine was bombarded incessantly with missiles. Donors across the world have united in an impressive fundraising effort to raise millions of dollars to help Ukrainian refugees, an incredible feat that has saved hundreds of physical lives ever since this terrible war started. But one haunting question remains-

What about their spiritual lives?

Rav Vigler, a man who fled Odessa himself and saw the horrors with his very eyes, has recently placed himself on a crucial mission- To save the refugees not only physically, but spiritually as well. A recipient of his chesed shares her moving experience:

“My name is Sheindy Avramenko and I fled Odessa with my husband and son, Yitzchak. 

This week was supposed to be our son’s Bar Mitzvah. Yitzchak was so down, knowing that we couldn’t afford to do anything at all for him. When suddenly, Rabbi Vigler knocked on our door. He drove Yitzchak to the Kosel,  got strangers to sing for him, and even got him an aliya by the Kosel. He bought him tefillin and a beautiful tefillin bag. He said he will try to help us raise funds to send Yitzchok to a frum school this upcoming year.  

My son came home with his eyes shining bright with something I had never seen before- The fire of yiddishkeit, and the flame of Torah. You are not only saving lives– You are saving precious neshamas. Thank you so much. Please continue doing whatever you are doing!”

Funds are currently being raised to save the lost Neshamos of Ukraine. To save the future of yiddishkeit for thousands of people, click here.