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Cancer Patients in your Community Need Your Help to Have the Power and Beat the Disease. Will you be there for them?

Two Day Campaign is now live!

“Cancer.” No matter where you live, this dreaded word is a frightening reality for all too many of your neighbors R”l. This dreadful disease afflicts men, women, teenagers, and even young children, of all ages and backgrounds – as well as their family and friends.

In our communities, virtually every one of these suffering souls relies on RCCS as a lifeline – the one stop resource that guides them from diagnosis through recovery and makes sure that everyone has access to the absolute best medical care available anywhere in the world.

RCCS conducts extensive medical research, provides medical referral and support, serving as the patient’s “back office” from beginning to end. RCCS gets each patient into the best doctor for their diagnosis. This includes handling their medical records and expediting appointments. RCCS provides insurance guidance and advocacy, helping a patient navigate the complex world of insurance, and advocating for them when an insurer rejects a claim. RCCS provides crucial financial support, paying patients’ full insurance premiums and subsidizing out-of-pocket medical costs. RCCS ensures that finances never stand between a patient and world-class treatment. In addition, the RCCS Care Management team helps patients and their families access the full gamut of financial and logistical assistance available through individual donors and other organizations. 

It currently costs over $16.5 million a year for RCCS to cover its global operations, including paying insurance premiums and other patient expenditures. RCCS is now helping over 3,700 patients and their families with everything they need to fight cancer – with dozens of new patients reaching out for help each week. The communities of Flatbush, Crown Heights, Monsey, Queens, Far Rockaway/Five Towns, Elizabeth and beyond have united to support RCCS’s lifesaving operations through a special two day “POWER” online fundraising campaign. This is RCCS’s primary community fundraising event in these communities for the year.

NOW IS THE TIME for you to make sure that RCCS can save the lives of your friends and neighbors. The RCCS POWER campaign is now live, and will run until tomorrow evening. Please donate without delay. It is only through the widespread participation of Yidden from a cross section of communities that the goal will be reached iy”H.

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Thank you for doing your part!

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