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Two Agudah Donors Establishe a Legal Fund To Fight The New State Dept. Regulations! All donations tripled Tonight

For the past century, Agudath Israel of America has been advocating for the right of Jews to live according to the statutes of their religion, ensuring that the constitutional right of religious freedom is upheld.

And never has that right of religious freedom been under attack in the United States as it is today. 

Unfortunately, despite all of the Agudah’s work and devoted efforts throughout the years, there are still parties who are interested in defaming our education system, putting our schools and curriculums at risk.  

Just last week, the N.Y. Times published a slanted article decrying the dismal state of secular education in yeshivas. The state Education Department is currently proposing new regulations for private schools – regulations that threaten to erode the mesorah that has been transmitted from generation to generation.

On the heels of the Agudah’s recent successful campaign, another campaign has been launched to raise a million dollars to establish a new legal fund that will be dedicated to advanced representation for our rights as Torah-true Jews. 

Please show your support for the Agudah’s efforts in this arena. Every dollar that is donated will be tripled by generous donors. 

Especially during these tumultuous times, it is crucial to have a strong legal team to represent our needs. As usual, the Agudah will continue to advocate on behalf of Klal Yisrael, utilizing the avenues available to them to protect our rights and ensure that we can live as religious Jews, without compromise.

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