The Parnassah knife with HaRav Chaim’s blessing.


Limited quantity. Exclusive to Hidabroot. 


Elul 5781. The Sar HaTorah, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky ztl handwrote a bracha for Hidabroot supporters. He added, ‘whoever will support the holy work of Hidabroot will be zoche to abundant parnassah.’


Elul 5782. Hidabroot engraved the blessing on knives and is gifting them to donors.


HaRav Chaim ztl was personally involved in the work of HIdabroot, offering continuous support and helping them in every way possible, spreading Yiddishkeit to Jews all over Eretz Yisroel and globally.


He promised parnassah and a share in the world to come for all who financially support Hidabroot.

Hidabroot’s TV channels and accounts across all digital platforms inspire millions of Jews globally, introducing them to new ideas and their Jewish heritage. Their work is changing lives and bringing Jews closer to Hashem.


A new knife for the new year.


R Yitzchok Izick of Ziditchoiv zt”l wrote in his sefer, Segulas Yisroel, about buying a new knife for Rosh Hashanah. Many have adapted that custom.


Imagine the impact of buying a new knife for the new year with an engraved bracha from HaRav Chaim.

Support the holy work of Hidabroot, bring Hashem’s children back, and receive a knife with the special bracha and all the blessings it will bring.


To purchase the parnassah knife, call or whatsapp 845.774.8468, the White Glove department at Heritage Silver.

For all other donations, visit or call 718.407.4253.