National H3 Business Halacha Summit 2/28/23 – 3/01/23 – If You’re in Business You Belong at H3

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In business, many known and unknown challenging Halachic pitfalls and issues arise every day. It is critical to have the tools and guidance to resolve these difficulties. The National H3 Business Halacha Summit was founded in 2018 by 9 businessmen recognizing the need for our businesses to be run k’halacha.  

THIS February 28th-March 1st in Chicago, join over 650 business professionals from across the United States, Canada and Mexico at the National H3 Business Halacha Summit and learn how to approach your business Halachic questions with confidence and guidance.

If You’re in Business, You Belong at H3 because Halacha is Everyone’s Business. 

Along with the hundreds of other like-minded attendees in over 30 industries, participants will be able to build valuable connections and network with other leaders in their field. Law, Accounting, Amazon, Healthcare, IT, Food, Architecture, Real Estate Investing, Telehealth, Media, Medical Supplies, and Hospitality  Services are just some of the fields of the attendees. Additionally, a professionals’ gala dinner offers a chance to take advantage of industry specific networking. 

This year’s National H3 Business Halacha Summit will take place February 28-March 1st, 2023 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel. (Minutes away from O’Hare International Airport). 

For more information or to register:
or Call: 773-754-3130