Shavuos in the Holy City

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Shabbat celebration at Kotel (Western Wall). It is usually much more people the on Friday night than any other time of the week. Jerusalem. Israel.

Excitement Builds at Jerusalem Estates as Shavuos Nears

There’s nothing like the feeling of renewal as we approach Zman Matan Toraseinu, a Yom Tov that brings with it the fragrant blossoms and fresh greenery of spring. Here in Jerusalem Estates, one can already sense the beauty and authenticity of the Chag that first united our nation.

Thousands of families, bachurim, and avreichim from Israel and the world over are preparing to celebrate Shavuos in Yerushalayim. Our residents will soon be joined by scores of families from other cities and countries, who have been working for weeks in advance to secure Yom Tov lodgings in this particular neighborhood. Indeed, Torah is the lifeblood of this special city, host to some of the largest Chassidic courts, kehillos, and yeshivos in the world.

The highlight of Shavuos in Yerushalayim is the citywide pilgrimage to the Kosel. All Shavuos night, Jews flock from the farthest neighborhoods, a stream which becomes a massive surge toward morning, culminating in the Kosel plaza. When the sun rises, the bustling commotion quiets down, as hundreds of thousands of Jews stand up together for Shacharis. The silence that marks the beginning of the prayers is punctuated only by the chirping of birds atop the historic stones.

Our privileged residents experience the Chagim to their fullest extent in this special neighborhood, in their own luxury apartments, while interacting with the unparalleled quality of Jerusalem Estates and the uniquely Jewish atmosphere reflected in its every aspect. If you would like the rewarding experience of acquiring everlasting history, contact our sales office at 718-564-6656, or visit