An Affordable Post HS Yeshiva in Israel For Boys Who Need More Excitement In Yiddishkeit!

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Exciting: Post High school Yeshiva in Israel, an affordable warm and loving Yeshiva for boys who need more excitement in Yiddishkeit.

Is your son not motivated enough about praying or learning?

Maybe he couldn’t handle the expectations being expected of him during High School?

Did he feel pressured to grow too fast?

Then Yeshivat Heichal Yerushalayim, is the place to be for your son. A small family-oriented Yeshiva were boys can grow at their own pace. A place where they can feel excited about praying in the morning, a place where they can build up that love to learn Torah again. Our Yeshiva is opening up its doors this year, with boys coming from all backgrounds, Sephardim Ashkenazim alike. We have boys enrolled from New York, Miami and even the UK.

The momentum can be felt in the air. The yeshiva is located in Ramot Bet, Jerusalem and is founded on the mission to restore the Geshmack in Judaism, while offering structure and balance at the same time. Our boutique concept of no greater than 20 boys per year, offers each boy the chance for a personal feeling of warmth, attention and focus that each one needs on their own level.

Small groups of 4-5 boys per Rebbe, helps the boys really form that relationship and builds trust that lasts for years to come. Our goal is not just to be another stop on the Education train, but rather a base to build a healthy consistent

pattern of growth and love for Torah and Mitzvot. Our success is built on seeing these boys grow into leaders in their own community’s and helping them continue on to find a wife and build a family based on Torah values.

The Torah is supposed to be sweet “דבש וחלב תחת לשונך”, for some boys they never really get to experience that taste, and unfortunately these opportunities don’t always come up again. Send your son to our Yeshiva for the year, let the kedusha of Eretz Yisrael infuse him and light his neshama.

With incredible Trips and Shabbatons, Kumtzitzs and visits to Gedolim, the boys get to experience a fun exciting year physically while igniting the spark spiritually. Our Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Shaul Tebele, has been working with 17- 20 yr old’s for the past decade. Starting with his closets friends he helped bring back the excitement to Learning, the connection to praying and the warmth for Mitzvot.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, the Rabbi decided along with his wife and 5 children to continue inspiring boys, in Yerushalayim the holy city.

Our Rabbi understands these boys, knows their lingo and connects with their struggles and obstacles that the average teenager has to withstand. All this is done with No Pressure. In Heichal “We teach you to be who you are, and not who you’re not “.

Our registration has opened and we have a few spots left for this coming Zman.

For more info check out our website:

Or contact the Rabbi directly by phone – 1-917-202-7351 or mail- [email protected]