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No Child Left Behind ft. Shulem Lemmer

A Legacy of Compassion – 50 Years of Bringing Joy

For over half a century, Mesamche Lev has been a radiant source of hope, tirelessly spreading joy and extending heartfelt relief to those in need. The organization’s unwavering dedication to compassion has sculpted a legacy of profound impact, tenderly touching the lives of widows, orphans, Torah scholars, and families across the globe. Mesamche Lev’s unique approach to Chesed magnifies its influence through innovations in Tzedakah. By keenly identifying specific, pressing needs and meticulously addressing them, the organization stretches every dollar to its utmost potential, bringing unparalleled relief to those navigating the depths of distress. Relief is provided through direct financial support or grand-scale distribution of food and necessities acquired through negotiations and partnerships with vendors to purchase goods at remarkably discounted rates, ensuring the most efficient and impactful utilization of resources.

Seven Pillars of Chesed – A Global Empire of Chesed 

Operating through seven distinct departments, each with a multi-million dollar budget, Mesamche Lev has evolved into an empire of Chesed. Each department serves as a pillar of Chesed, addressing specific needs, from supporting widows and orphans to providing Matzah for families in the US, supporting Torah scholars globally, and ensuring access to essential nutrition and quality shoes. This comprehensive support system is a testament to Mesamche Lev’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those it serves. Via myriad programs and support, is transforming the lives of thousands of children every day, with thousands of families supported and hundreds of orphans who get their wedding expenses covered to get a start in their new chapter of life, 

SoleMates – More Than Just Shoes

Mesamche Lev’s flagship initiative, SoleMates, goes beyond simply providing shoes. The organization negotiates with manufacturers to obtain top-quality, current styles at a fraction of their retail value, usually over $100 per pair. Every year, tens of thousands of children walk away with brand new pairs of shoes thanks to this initiative, which was created to create a massive-scale impact one pair at a time. As a result of the program, families receive urgent assistance, and their children can smile while saving hundreds of dollars during the staggering living costs and overwhelming expenses of the Erev Pesach days.

A Shiny Pair of New Shoes – A Gift of Pride and Dignity

For children in families facing financial hardships, a new pair of shoes is an exquisite gift, more than just footwear; it’s a source of pride and satisfaction. SoleMates replaces old, worn-out shoes, offering children comfort and dignity. This initiative ensures that families are not burdened with the heart-wrenching choice between the necessities of living and providing their children with new shoes. All this is achieved while maintaining the dignity of these families by providing an upscale shopping experience akin to the atmosphere of high-street shopping malls.

Upscale Quality and Experience – A Boutique-Style Distribution

The annual events orchestrated by Mesamche Lev transform distribution centers into havens of upscale shopping. These distributions occur in four massive compounds in the key population centers – Modi’in, Beth Shemesh, Jerusalem, and B’nei Brak. Massive tents are thoughtfully outfitted with shelves, transforming them into shopping hubs adorned with dozens of aisles of quality shoes displayed in a boutique-style. This convenient experience allows families to choose with dignity, providing a sense of empowerment. Over 75 volunteers and employees play a crucial role in this compassionate operation, offering care and consideration to each “client” and ensuring a convenient and swift shopping experience that elevates the spirits of each recipient.

Be a SoleMate – Supporting the Campaign

Mesamche Lev conducts the Solemates Campaign once every two years with a mission to raise $2,720,00 for two years of Shoe Distribution. Instead of annually, this bi-annual campaign saves costs and multiplies the impact of each dollar contributed. By sponsoring pairs of shoes at $34 each, donors become cherished partners in the success of this initiative. Various sponsorship options allow individuals to make a profound impact, putting radiant smiles on children’s faces with each pair of shoes. Mesamche Lev invites everyone to become a ‘SoleMate’ and embrace the opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on the lives of those in need. 

Grand Scale Impact – One Pair of Shoes at a Time 

  • Four massive centers are set up with tens of thousands of square footage and fully outfitted as shoe stores. 
  • The annual distribution lasts three weeks; brand-new shoes are distributed to thousands of children daily. 
  • 75 staff members are assisting recipients, assuring that each family receives personal attention and is served with no waiting time.
  • Tens of thousands of high-quality shoes are distributed, accumulating millions of dollars in savings to needy families. 
  • SoleMates buys the shoes at 34 dollars a pair, which is a fraction of the real value of the shoes compared to retail. 


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