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A Free Webinar With Foundational Kriah Tools – You Can Still Use Before the School Year Ends

When a boy struggles with Kriah basics like blending nekudos – then “confidently opens a Siddur to daven” after years, it’s a big deal. 

But it’s the kind of success the Confident Kriah Method has created for countless students in dozens of schools. 

What is the Confident Kriah Method? How is it so “groundbreaking” and “different from everything else” schools have tried? 

Firstly – it’s a method, not a curriculum. And it’s one that all students, regardless of their stage, mesorah or havarah, and school’s curriculum, can implement. CKM was founded by Mrs. Chani Karp, Ms.Ed, after 25 years in the special ed field. 

The Method goes back to the root of reading, pinpointing where a student is stuck. There’s a complete step-away from memorization and speed reading. Instead, CKM turns Kriah into a masterable system by putting the skills into the hands of the child (quite literally) rather than relying on songs and patterns (that often contradict the confusing rules of Kriah). They use foundational skills to fix their understanding.

To date, the Confident Kriah Method has helped tens of students globally finally access the lifelong skill of confident Kriah. 

Students like M: “After having a hard time with Hebrew reading, he is now learning how to daven for the amud and how to lein from the Torah.”

The CKM mission is for every student to be able to confidently read Lashon Hakodesh so they can confidently open a siddur, chumash, and mishnayos on their own. And because it’s a system of tools, it seamlessly blends in with whatever curriculum or kriah sefer your school uses. 

As Mrs Chaya Winner, principal at Bnos Chana says, “Our original intention was for help with struggling students, however we are now seeing the benefits of applying her techniques for all students across all year levels. [The CKM] approach helps every child.”

That’s why she has trained teachers from around the globe in this method — and they’re seeing the results. Now you can too.

Enjoy insight into the simple genius behind CKM. Educators worldwide are invited to join a FREE webinar given by Mrs. Chani Karp, this Sunday, June 2 at 8:30pm EST.  

In The Three Missing Pieces, Chani will explain why some of your students didn’t master Kriah this year – and how you can still make sure they gain this lifelong skill. And yes, this webinar is super practical – so you can still implement it this year with your students.

If you’re invested in the success of your students, especially those who struggle with Kriah no matter what help you give them, this is for you. Listen to Chani’s crystal-clear class which covers the 3 foundational tools to confident Kriah. 

Join for the students who dread school – because they feel misunderstood, like constant failures across Kodesh classes. 

Join for the students who you’ll want to learn Kriah right – the first time. 

And join for Chani’s expert, actionable tips, culled from years of research. 

Sign up for FREE here: 

(Yes, there will be a recording available after for those who can’t make it live.)

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