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KidZimra: (Listen To Preview)

Zimra_Kidzimra.jpgProduced by: Gorfinkel, Jordan. The sensational Kol Zimra entertainers present KidZimra, the first collection of preschool Jewish music that the whole family will enjoy. Sunny, funny, and lush with vocal harmony, KidZimra puts Bubbe-approved words to your favorite preschool songs – and introduces some great new songs from top Jewish childhood programs! KidZimra is the ultimate Jewish present, guaranteed to have kinderlach – and parents – learning and dancing! CD also includes 3 bonus activity tracks.


A Few Previews:

Mitzvah Dance


Arba Minim

Dance With The Big Torah

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  1. What in the world are you advocating for people to listen to this stuff is not made for the “Yeshiva World “you should be ashamed sorry for being so blunt.

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