Vertluch: Parshas Naso


In parshas Naso the Torah discusses the episode of a sota. If a man warns his wife not to seclude herself with another man and then finds out-through witnesses-that she has transgressed his warning, yet can only assume an aveira was transgressed but cannot confirm it. In such a case the wife is brought to the Beis Hamikdash and she drinks a special water; mei Sota. If she indeed transgressed the aveira then she explodes and dies.
Ramban makes an observation and says that this is the only place in the Torah that we find a miracle of such magnitude, where a person dies through a supernatural phenomenon. He continues and points out further that as soon as amongst klal Yisroel there were those who transgressed the aveira of arayos (immorality), the procedure of waters of the sota was eliminated. The reason being that the miracle that Hashem provides by a sota was only effective while we are living a life full of kedusha. Once we stopped conducting such a lifestyle, Hashem stopped his part of the mei sota; He was only doing this to help maintain the purity.
Imagine, if you will, witnessing a person run into a cave chasing another man. Upon his exit you notice him clutching a bloody knife and inside lays the other man, lifeless.  No one saw him commit this heinous crime; would you go to Beis Din and say you witnessed a murder? You don’t have to be a detective to figure this out that if you didn’t witness the murder with your two eyes, you will not have a case. Why is a sota different-that on a safek, an uncertainty, we go to Beis Din? What makes sota different than any other sin where you would not go to Beis Din?
Ohr HaChaim Hakadosh in parshas Achrei Mos talks about the topic of arayos and speaks out a yesod gadol. A person has the ability to perform every single mitzvah in the Torah and conversely has the ability to overcome every single urge to transgress a lo saseh in the Torah. People have it within them naturally to overcome their challenges, except for one; and that’s arayos. That’s the only mitzva that a person cannot overcome alone. The only way to overcome that mitzvah is to take preventative measures. One has to watch what he thinks; what he says; what he hears; what he sees-and what he does. Otherwise, it is impossible to conquer arayos.
If the majority of klal Yisroel are living a life of kedusha and purity, that means that bnei Yisroel is extending themselves above and beyond of what we’re naturally capable of doing. Then Hashem says if there’s an era that the majority of the generation is extending themselves and demonstrating supernatural abilities then I will intervene and help. But that’s only once we demonstrate our paranormal talents.
By the other mitzvos lo saseh (i.e. murdering, stealing, etc…) we do not have to exert ourselves to a supernatural position to overcome those transgressions, therefore Hashem doesn’t need to intercede.
Rashi in Megillas Shir Hashirim comments upon mushchaini acharecha narutza-that klal Yisroel showed Hashem that they were willing to go out to follow him in the Midbar; without food and without water. Once Hashem saw that we were willing to go while lacking the basics for survival, He then provided us with the be’er (water) and ma’an (food). Once we show Hashem how we are extending ourselves above and beyond our capacities, then Hashem will do his part and shower us with miracles.
There was once a person who came to Rav Shach Zt”l and he was asking for a personal yeshua. Rav Shach was able to feel that there was no yeshua coming, by any natural means, for this person. As the man rose to leave Rav Shach-already old and frail-was adamant about escorting him all the way downstairs, to his ride, to see him off. His family asked him afterwards why he felt it so important to walk him all the way down, especially a man of his age and condition. Rav Shach replied with this yesod.  He said- naturally, there is no hope for this man. But I felt that if I go above and beyond my physical capabilities-perhaps Hashem will go above and beyond the natural tevah and grant him a yeshua!
Many wonder why there are no miracles in today’s society. Perhaps it’s because we don’t exert ourselves the way we should. It has to be a two way street. If we demonstrate our willingness to Hashem by learning, giving tzedaka, making our davening more meaningful…perhaps Hashem can then go above and beyond for us and provide supernatural yeshuos for all of klal yisroel.
May we all be zoche to demonstrate our willingness towards the Ribono Shel Olam which will enable Him to speed up the coming of Moshiach.