IDF Soldiers pay visit to Sqverer Rebbe


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180px-Skver.jpgA group of Israeli reservists went to the Skverrer Rebbe [from New Square] last night to receive his brocho before leaving to the Lebanon war zone. They spent some time? behind closed doors and a few of them are already leaving today.–YW Editor. (Thanks to the person who emailed me this piece of information.)


  1. My son was zoche to be with this group of men that visited the heilige Skvere Rebbe. His group was ushered into the Rebbe’s presence immediately as soon as the Rebbe was informed that the soldiers were asking for a Broche from the Rebbe. His concern and Ahavas Yisroel was evident to everyone in the room. His Brocha for the safety and success to the young men gave them Chizuk to succeed in their mission and in life. We are all grateful to the Rebbe and his staff for their help.