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Strange, but true story

matzivehdream.jpg[Click to ENLARGE the image.] A Bochur was recently Niftar. He came back in a dream and told his father exactly what should be written on his Matzeiva. (On the bottom of the Matzeiva it says this story.)–YW Editor.

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  1. It says:

    The Merciful One will have mercy upon
    The Nefesh (?) Ruach (spirit) and Neshama (soul) of
    The lad, Yochanan, peace be upon him
    Son of Aharon Fried, may his light shine

    He passed away with a good name
    on such and such a date

    To the sadness of his parents, his family and all who knew him

    He bore great afflictions and did not complain(?) [against G-d]

    Please study Mishnayos
    Recite Tehillim (Psalms)
    And light candles

    For the elevation, benefit and memory of his soul

    T N Tz B H [which means…]

    May his soul be bound up in the binding of life (a reference to dwelling with G-d in the world of souls.)

    And on the bottom it says that this epitaph was communicated to one of the boy’s relatives in a dream, after the boy had passed on.

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