Something unique in Skokie, IL


binyanolam2.jpgIn Skokie, IL (suburb of Chicago) a new office building has opened which is quite unique. All of the professional office tenants are Frum B’nei Torah.


In the center of this building they have opened a large Bais Medrash – under the leadership of Rav Zvi Feiner, Shlita – which hosts daily Shiurim & Minyanim.

Since opening 6 months ago, the Bais Medrash has hosted many Gedolim both from the US & Eretz Yisrael.

Binyanolam1.jpgEach month they have a Seudas Rosh Chodesh open to all tenants which is coupled with a Dvar Torah given by a Rosh Hayeshiva or Rav either locally or from out of town.

Additionally, the building has opened a ‘Heimeshe’ kosher deli known as Srulie’s Essen Delicatessen. The building will eventually have a separate men’s & women’s health club as well.

A very special event will take place on Sunday afternoon, December 17th, 2nd day of Chanukah. The Bais Medrash will be celebrating a Hachnosas Sefer Torah & its official Chanukas Habayis. All tenants, mispallalim, and those who attend the shiurim are encouraged to come and bring their families to this major celebration. The entire Jewish community has been invited as well to participate in what will be a true Kiddush Hashem.


  1. Wow…….now thats an idea! There should be more like this in the world! Chop a minyon, lunch, shiur, and business deal all in the same building!!

  2. If you are in another state, and there are enough people to fill up a building like this, it could be a great investment, besides the tremendous Lishmah element .

  3. It is not like IDT. IDT is owned by one co. and if you work for IDT then you work in the building. Here, in Il., you can be a small Business owner, like myself, and have a Chelek in the building.

  4. The amenities are similar to IDT/Newark. IDT has in its building a Yeshiva, high school, bais medrash, shiurim, guests (including Rebbes, Rabbonim, and other dignitaries from E. Israel and America), minyanim, a (separate hours) pool, health/workout center, kosher cafe, kosher dining room (fleishigs), etc.

    But yes, the 19 story building is for IDT and its affiliated companies (over 1,000 employees.)