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Stamford Hill Hatzolah gets first ambulance

hatzolahbus3.jpgHatzolah members of Stamford Hill, London can now transport critically ill patients to hospitals, without having to depend on the London Ambulance Service to take them there. This new independence comes with the arrival of the organizations first ambulance.

The ambulance, made in accordance to London Ambulance Service standards, was funded by generous donors from within the community and a campaign for a crucial second ambulance will be launched in the near future.

The ambulance will be based in the heart of Stamford Hill, where Mosdos Bobov has allowed Hatzolah to use their conveniently located site on Rockwood Road.

Over the coming weeks the ambulance will become a regular presence on the streets of Stamford Hill, as Hatzolah members undertake a special course of practical training in the use of the ambulance and its equipment.

9 Responses

  1. Ye well done stamford hill. About time to! It was an absolute disgrace the last couple of years when golders green have got 3 ambulances in the part few years and stamford hill which boruch hashem have got many people who can donate a ambulance without their bank account having a dent. Anyway now that they got one i give a broche that it shouldn’t have to be used.

  2. Now this is something. I grew up in that neck of the woods.If there was an emergency, one could finish shas twice before the EMT decided to show up.

  3. why are the british charedi community 30 years behind the usa that they first got there ambulance now??
    as stamford hills has been a religious area for many years ??

  4. hey eggy wegs. dont dis the english. their much more advanced then a alot of the usa. oh and learn how to spell BRITISH before u have something to say.

  5. The British are not idiots.Maybe they are not as loud as the New Yorkers but Kol Hakovod for their New Ambulance.May they use it for simchas.

  6. Yes The British Are just as advanced and foreward as the USA counterparts.The USA guys are just louder Anyway,the nes Ambulance is definately a way forward.lMay it be used only for simchas.

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