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Millions of Nazi documents being made available to the public

For the first time, secrets of the Nazi Holocaust that have been hidden away for more than 60 years are finally being made available to the public. We’re not talking about a missing filing cabinet – we’re talking about thousands of filing cabinets, holding 50 million pages. It’s Hitler’s secret archive.

The Nazis were famous for record keeping but what 60 Minutes found ran from the bizarre to the horrifying. This Holocaust history was discovered by the Allies in dozens of concentration camps, as Germany fell in the spring of 1945.

As correspondent Scott Pelley reports, the documents were taken to a town in the middle of Germany, called Bad Arolsen, where they were sorted, filed and locked way, never to be seen by the public until now.

The storerooms are immense: 16 miles of shelves holding the stories of 17 million victims – not only Jews, but slave laborers, political prisoners and others. To open the files is to see the Holocaust staring back like it was yesterday: strange pink Gestapo arrest warrants as lethal as a death sentence, jewelry lost as freedom ended at the gates of an extermination camp. Time stopped here in 1945.


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  1. Interesting that this comes just after the convention to “re-think” the Holocaust. Maybe we should send the NK there and have them read files for the rest of their lives?

  2. Gives you the shivers….So much for achmadijijiaaaannnninad,his crew….and the rest of the deniers…Its 50,000,000 pages made up…

  3. I’m a little uncomfotable with all this emerging NOW after that bogus convention which debunked the Holocaust. It makes it seem to the world that we are really intimidated by these vile antisemites. They could have come out with this informationa little later .For the time being our job is to stand in unity against these murderous liars.

  4. What should really, REALLY be of concern to us is that the archive is run and administered by the International Red DoubleCross. These are the same folks who gave a hechsher to Hitler’s concentration camps, and who refuse to accept the Mogen David Adom symbol, lest they offend the Muslim nations.

  5. In all fairness to the Red Cross ,when they went to inspect the camps, the Nazis very dilligently FOOLED them into thinking that the prisoners were being treated ina fairly civil manner. So in fact they were not really aware of the atrocities that transpired at the time!

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