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Rudy 2008?

rudy g.jpgRudy Giuliani, the former NYC mayor whose popularity soared after his response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, moved closer Monday to a full-fledged campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Giuliani filed a so-called “statement of candidacy” with the Federal Election Commission, indicating he would seek the presidency as a Republican should he decide to go forward.

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  1. i don’t know if its such a good thing to vote for him, being a mayor during 9/11 doesn’t make you a good president, (he might be a nice guy) i don’t even think he will free pollard it might just be a campaign promise, BUT, anybody is better then that other klavte, so to make sure that she doesn’t chas v’shalom win, it would be a good idea to vote for him.

  2. Two points to make about the Giuliani candidacy (from a potential supporter of Rudy):

    1. Don’t get your hopes up too high, Destro613! Understand that I, too, would like to see Jonathan Pollard released. And while I have no special “inside info” regarding the Pollard case, I do have enough past experience with classified military information to strongly suspect that there is more to the Pollard case than meets the eye; some undisclosed fact or set of facts which, if known, might totally change the perspective on Jonathan Pollard. And if, perchance, they are what I speculate they might be, then it is a very serious matter indeed (though I still would continue to favor his release).

    2. Support Rudy’s candidacy if you so choose (you may well find me in your camp come election day), but don’t blindly snuggle up to him. If he ever moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Jewish community would need to be very vigilant over his administration, and be willing to differ with him and occasionally be at odds with some of his policies and strategies.

    The negative example that immediately comes to mind is how many of the “Jewish leadership” rubberstamped the Giuliani administration’s handling of the shooting of Gidone Busch by the NYPD. If Rudy wins the White House (or even if he doesn’t), we’ver got to do better than that!

  3. dont be so sure he would pardon pollard, but he would definitely be infinitely times better than the machshaifo the dems are putting up there

  4. If you would understand the situation you would know that NOBODY would pardon J Pollard unless they are an outgoing lame-duck president. I say if you would want Pollard out within the next 5 years your best bet is petitioning president bush (20% chance).

    Giuliani is right on the right issues and thats what matters most; Although he does have a history of anti-semitism it’s in his political interest to be an Oheiv Yisroel

  5. illuyotzum – that would not be a good reason to vote for him – most Jews that I know that marry goyim, are anti-everything Jewish.

  6. Expatriate owl: point 1 is well taken. All the people I know who DO have inside information (some of them Jewish) tell me they’d never let him out. According to them, he apparently compromised some fairly heavy sources and methods (which does worse damage than the actual information he gave to the Israelis), and there is no reason to believe that he would continue to do so if released.

  7. for all judy did two things that mean he is no friend of the arabs and a good friend of the jews
    1. he didnt invite arafat and then had him sent out infront of all in 1998 when they had the 50 years of the U.N.
    2. after 9/11 he gave back a check to one of the arab princes that was worth 10 million dollars and said the city of NY wont except blood money

  8. All right! We, the Jewish community of New York City have an eternal debt of gratitude to the former mayor. He was instrumental in making New York City a safe place for us to live in. I really hope he gets the vote. And please, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton. She can not be trusted!

  9. Shazam:

    If your contacts “who DO have inside information” really had inside information, they would not be discussing it with you.

    By “inside information” I do not mean all of the rumors that have been floating, and continue to float, among current and former holders of military security clearances (I, of course, hear the same rumors that everyone else hears.). “Inside information” refers to specifics which your contacts, if they knew it, would be taking pains to not even dream about, let alone speak about, to you or me or anyone else.

    But some generalities are relatively easy to deduce if you have had any appreciable experience with the military security system. Note that compromise of sources and methods is almost always a greater concern than any particular info that may be passed. With JJP, odds are that this is a given.

    My personal view is that JJP’s problem goes deeper and wider than the compromise of sources and methods.

  10. If i remember correctly – the main problems with the Pollard case are:

    1) that he was offered a plea that would have kept his wife out of jail and given him around 5 years – Cap Weinberger went against his word and in never released documents had Pollard sentenced to life when he pled guilty

    2) there have been other spies that caused death to Americans and severly compromised US positions a) Walker and his son, b) Hansen – I think that was his name. and others

    The treatment of the Jew was not equal to the treatment of the goy.

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