Blitz Campaign! Urgent Appeal From The Novominsker Rebbe Shlita



‘Whoever helps this Almanah, who has lost both husband and  teen-aged daughter will be rewarded with Simchos and Nachas and Kol Minei Yeshuos.’  (Novominsker Rebbe)

Here in the words of the Almanah

“I cannot beg for help!  I cannot!  But what should I do??  My husband, a Tzaddik and Talmid Chacham , was niftar after battling a horrible disease for many years leaving me with 10 young Yesomim and a pile of bills.

I know there are so many tragedies, one forgets the one that happened yesterday.   But I don’t.

I think of each new Almonah and cry, because I know that besides for  the gripping loneliness and the terrifying indecisiveness there is always worry about the BILLS.

Just when I was seeking the bottom of my grief after losing my husband, I discovered that grief could be so bottomless as to astound the mind into numbness.  My beautiful precious daughter, a blossoming rose was also suddenly plucked away from me, only months after my husband’s Petira!

Everyone moves on with their busy lives, but I had to find the resolve to struggle with my new reality! I bear the crushing burden of keeping my other children stable, positive and confident despite our poverty and grief.  I need to wear a mask of control and happiness while I play father, mother and breadwinner to my children.

Now my daughter B”H is engaged (!) and the wedding is set for June. I know I should be grateful, and I am!

But what do I answer to the Mechutanim when it’s my turn to put down the deposits?  To whom shall I turn?

So now  I worry about extra wedding expenses all on my own.

With the Bracha of “Megalglin Zchus Al Yedai Zakai”, I ask that you PLEASE HELP ME!

All donations will be processed by Keren Hachesed.

Donations can be made via The Chesed Fund

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