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Los Angeles: Beware of drug-pusher!

Please be advised that a man who goes by the name Shmuel Yaakov has been circulating in the Hancock Part area and has given at least one child drugs in an alley behind a shul. He has reportedly bragged that he has given other children candy laced with drugs. This man is in his 50s, of average height, with a black-greyish beard and dark, Sephardic features. He sometimes wears white garb. He is known to be violent.

Rabbanim who are familiar with the situation are convinced that Shmuel Yaakov is a danger to the children in our community. Do not allow him to be alone with children in your shul; he is even more dangerous in alleys behind the shul.

The Rabbanim ask that you forward this email to your kehillah email list. This is an opportunity for parents to discuss with their children the need to be wary of strangers, specifically not to talk to or take candy (or anything else) from people they don’t know.

A community-wide strategy is being developed, in consultation with the authorities, to address the problem.

If you have any information please call 323-761-8816X1240 and leave a message.

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  1. “he has given other children candy laced with drugs. This man is in his 50s, of average height, with a black-greyish beard and dark, Sephardic features”

    Sephardic features….comon’ yehsivah world, i thought we were all frum here!?!!!

    by the way im ashkenazi.

  2. Why do you have to put “sephardic features”? Why can’t you just say he has dark features? I don’t want tp complain its discriminatroy to write that- but you could have easily gone around writing it.

  3. the yeshiva world should not be at fault for the racist remark becouse this is an exact copy of an e-mail sent to many people in the los angeles comunity i have met this man o the street and he is an extreme dnger to the comunity

  4. Why only in Los Angeles? How about the Marijuana Rabbi in the Munkatcher Shul in Boro Park about 5 years ago? I actually observed him getting arrested! It was only around the corner from Tomer D’vorah’s pre-school and a block away from Bais Yaakov of Boro Park elementary school!

  5. sephardicpride.
    If he looks like a sephardi, we should say it. WE are talking about lives at stake , not your feelings. don’t be silly. If he’s caught and is a sephardi , does it reflect on you at all?

  6. While walking with my students this afternoon down LaBrea Ave. , this man followed behind us for quite a while acting quite strangely. A rebbi in the area was kind enough to walk along with us to our destination since the students and myself were quite alarmed especially after hearing of his danger to the community. Does anyone know what is supposed to be done if one sees him on the street? Is there a number to call; are the cops looking out for him? Anyone with some info, please let us know; thanks!

  7. Yes, this man is violent, and yes he is a danger to society. However, I spoke to numerous people who are aware of his situation, and none of them could confirm the origin of this drug allegation. I do realize that no one is saying this about me and you, but the fact is, unless there’s proof that Shmuel Yaakov has been handing out drugs, it’s still Lashon Hora. In any case, stay away from this man AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE, BECAUSE ACTS OF VIOLENCE HAVE BEEN WITNESSED BY COUNTLESS PEOPLE INCLUDING MYSELF ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS! But on the drug issue? Well – with the amount of enemies he has people could say almost anything about him, and still be believed.

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