Israeli NAZI Police Brutality


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My dear readers.

I have just been sent via email the sickest thing that I have seen since the Nazi’s Y”S. It was a video of the police and army evicting people from one of the settelments in Eretz Yisroel recently. There are a few hundred settlers that are getting CRUSHED under the hoovs of the police horses, having their heads BASHED in with clubs etc. It is a very gory and bloddy video. I urge you all to view this. I have no words to express any more of my feeling as it has left me breathless that a Jew can do this to another Jew. This would never take place in the United States of America……

Click HERE to view this video.

I leave the commenting up to you.

Acheinu kol bais yisroel…………….


  1. When the zionists occuppied the so-called “territories” Rav Shach Zatsa”l said “they took it without permission and they will give it back without permission”. The israeli police are seldom surpassed in their brutality – this is the great badge of honor to the education provided by the “Jewish State”. And don’t hold your breath to see it on DogSmear.