Congressman West In Lakewood: America Is My Physical Homeland, Israel Is My Spiritual Homeland


[VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] “The threats to Israel right now are immense”, Florida Congressman Allen West said last night in a speech at the home of Rich Roberts. Known as a staunch supporter of Israel, West spoke about the Israel-Iran threats which currently faces the Middle-East, and about the recent ‘off-mic’ statements from the French and American presidents which sparked widespread criticism.

“The fact that President Sarkozy and President Obama quote on quote off microphone made the statements that they made, it’s not so much the words that they said, but the fact that those words were heard on the Arab street”, West said.

The first-term Congressman went on to talk about his relationship with Israel, and the love and support he has for it.

“America is my physical homeland, Israel is my spiritual homeland” he said.

The Congressman concluded, “I want you all to know, for your children and grandchildren, I will not rest, until their future and their legacy, as Americans, and their Jewish Heritage is protected and secure for years and years to come”. “Le’chaim”.

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(Source: TLS)


  1. Congressman Allen West would make a fine choice as a drafted candidate for President in 2012. If Mitt Romney gets the nod then West should be considered as VP.