WATCH: Screaming At Tashlich In Uman On Rosh Hashanah 2017/5778



  1. Can an Uman participant please explain what the reason for this is? I’m not saying this to poke fun. I really would like to know what it’s all about.

  2. Breslovers believe that Rav Nachman is the only true Tzadik and is Moshiach. There is no long a need to be Dovek to any living Tzadik because he is Rabbenu. All you need to do is scream and make noise and then Rav Nachman will pull you out of Gehenoim by your Payos.
    So if you are happy and you know it clap your hands, even in the middle of davening, and when you get together for Tashlich yell like you are at a rock concert and all will be good.

  3. Just because you dont understand their minhagim you say these things and just easily dismiss everything they do and basically label them as apikorsim when they actually do not believe that R nachman is mashiach so its pure slander. Maybe get your facts right next time. PS no i am not a breslov chosid just someone slightly more educated then you

  4. z – That was hateful and uncalled-for.
    Get a little ahavas chinam and dan lekaf zechus. Or are you so baffled by this powerful outcry for mechila min hashamayim that you cannot handle some level of envy you are feeling, so you lash out with insults? What are YOU doing to bring peace between acheinu bnei Yisroel – as maybe those fellows are doing, or are at least trying hard to do? Certainly not much as per your post here.
    AS for the moderators, I really do not understand how insults of fellow Jews are allowed to be posted! Please reply – and I am very serious – what is the psak you rely on, because according to what I know about dinim of Lashon Hara, making yourself a shaliach to spread motzei shem ra from others is a serious form of rechilus and is assur. Consider this on Yom Kippur! I myself am trying to dan you folks lekaf zechus how these kinds of messages are ok for you to publish, and you will do all your readers a favor to FINALLY clear this up!!! ASAP!!! PS, No reply implies you do not have a psak, sorry, and this will not help your business…

  5. I have davened at some absolutely non-chassideshe shtieblach where the sound of the davening is not much different. There are also some very chashuve litvish rabbonim whose rendition of the baracha for sefiras h’ome r puts these Breslov to shame

  6. Breslov is a dangerous cult. All the Gedolim of Ukraine did everything to put an end to this movement. There books are banned in Stolin, Slonim and in many Litvishe places. These Gedolim had tremendous Hahavas Yisrael and it was that love that inspired them to put stop them. They are a movement that throws off being Mevatel to Das Torah. They believe there are no more Tzadikim. The make discos in the streets before Yom HaDin and mock everything that is sacred to us. They hold you can make a syum on Shas once a year because you don’t need to understand Gemara. They refer to Rav Nachman in the present tense and call out to him in the middle of the night. Open minded is good but being open to making up Yiddishkiet is bad. Would anyone be loving and inclusive to Open Orthodoxy ? I hope not.