VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Thousands Pack Nassau Coliseum For Satmar Anti-Zionist Rally


More than 15,000 Satmar Chassidim have packed Nassau Coliseum in Long Island at a massive anti-zionist protest – just hours after hundreds of thousands marched down 5th Avenue in the annual Israeli Day Parade.

As YWN reported extensively last week, the event was orchestrated by the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, to strengthen their beliefs in the “Shita” of the Satmar Rov ZATZAL, in their vehement opposition to the Zionist state of Israel.

The event is boycotted by followers of Satmar Williamsburg, who have spent the past week tearing down any signs advertising today’s event.

Rav Sternbuch – who is one of the Poskei Hador – will be the keynote speaker at the event.

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  1. misinformation
    this is a state of the union type event as a chizuk for the kehilla . for satmar this is similar to met life for aguda
    its not really about zionism although there will be some of that
    that battle is done once gush katif … was given back , and frye isrealis running from the army…
    this is why its indoors and not on the streets of manhatten satmar as every kehilla is struggling in galus and this is a rally for recommitment to their ideals

  2. Why is Williamsburg boycotting? Don’t the agree with and adhere to the shita of Rabbeinu Yoel?

    All politics and and ideology aside. . . Only serious answers sought.

  3. mayerfreund
    June 3, 2018 7:37 pm at 7:37 pm
    The meraglim also thought of themselves as EHRLICH. That was until they had a rude Awakening!

  4. mayerfreund, the two Satmer brothers hate each other. Their followers hate each other. Where exactly do you see “achdus?” Perhaps you need to clean your glasses and take a look at the real world.

  5. The big shame is that they don’t know what Zionism and what a Zionist are. Maybe there should be a rally against welfare fraud and other misappropriation of public funds and charity.

  6. Meyerfreund no it’s not. It’s hatemongering and showing off how many chasidim can fit in an arena, a venue built to feature entertainment which they are against.

  7. hi there all that have a problem with this, you don get the point this rabbi is trying to move his people to zionisem for a long time, follow him you will see he talks the same about Israel like you chusheve readers ,he is busy downplaying the whole satmor idealegy , this event is just to give the feeling for his more old time chasidim that he is not so bad , don’t worry he is with you

  8. While we still love all members of Kelal Yisrael, it is important to know why this gathering is anti Torah values!
    1) Chazal teach us that when Shevet Binyamin had some internal desputes, other shevatim were criticized for interfering to help. Eretz Yisrael has its own Gedolim. “They are bigger than us”. They can handle their own problems. This external interference in anti Torah values!
    2) The word Yehudi comes from Hudaah-to give thanks. Hakaras Hatov is the main and basic fiber of the definition of being a Jew. For seventy years, the Israeli government has been mandating the secular Jews “to support” us financially through the taxes so that we can sit and learn. This is how we say thank you? One has to wonder why anyone in Israel would want to come closer to Hashem because of this lack of Hakat Hatov.
    3) Mitoch Shelo Lishma Ba Lishma. Bc of establishment of Israel, Torah has flourished once again. Look at all the learning (Yes at a much higher quality) that goes on in there. The ability of a frum Yid to learn independently does not even compare to our ability. a) language helps them in learning. b) the whole environment infused with Kedusha does that for them. So who are we to Judge the Retzon of Hashem? Are we so sure with our Shita that we are willing to go public and against the will of Hashem?
    4) Not only learning Torah has been florished but also the amount of Jews returning to Torah and becoming Baalei Teshuva is unprecedented. Do we see that happening in America? So who are we to say that Zionisim is no good? We should focus on positive and use our tongue to give Hodoaah to Hashem (rather using our tongue for Devarim Betelim) for the return His children to His ways! This is Chasidus and authentic Judaism!
    4) Times have changed significantly: Hertzel and original Zionist were secular and anti-religion. That is not the case nearly as much anymore. Take Menachem Begin and his close relationship with the yeshivos. Take Bibi who says that every shabbos everything stops for two hours, he sits and learns Tanach with his son. Why can we focus on the positive that exisits in every Pintele Yid, and try through love be Mekarev them? Why do we need to be stuck in an outdated Daas Yachid Shita that has nothing to do with today’s realities on the ground?
    5) This lack of unity indirectly engenders the life of our Brethren in Israel. Family fights must remain within the family. They do not belong to Public.
    6) The fact of the matter is that the Navi has cursed us. The worst curse ever is that your leaders will be misleading you. Don’t you think that the leaders in KJ should focus on their bigger problems? We will not interfere to help them. But they need to role up the sleeve and fix many fundamental problems that has stricken them. The Ma Tovu Ho does not exist. It is easy to say anti-Ziniost but it is difficult to fix “Matovu Ho”. Current statistics show that 10-15% of young Satmars are leaving the Kehila and no longer believe the hatred message delivered in their Chinuch system. Most of them do not even care about Zinoism. They enjoy their ability to safely visit Israel and so on…It is time for the leadership to feel responsible for the future of Satmar youth and chaval to waste the Jewish talent on Devarim Betelim.
    Let us all Daven very hard to have the Binah to love each other first and through that we will attract more Jews to Machana Hashem (diveri chachamim Benachas Nishmaim) and Bezchos that we should witness Hevias Hagoel Bemhera Beyamenu.

  9. Totally maskim to mayerfreund, I am NOT a satmare but I have been to a couple of these gatherings, and all they talk about is not falling into the trap of asimilization from the end of an heretic established system called Zionism, so tell me what’s wrong with that? What exactly is a chillul Hashem about it? Be honest with yourself. Evryone talks about that we should love sweet talk about everyone everything it’s true in way, however there has to be a strong voice to keep klal ysroel awaken not to follow the way of the rosha.

  10. To Shuali: just shows that their differences has nothing to do with principles. The Williamsburgh checrah should have also participated , because if they were true to their mesorah ie. Shlita of divrei Yoel, they should have been there REGRDLESS if the other side organized the gathering. Proves that their avoda and shita is not sincere and politics is above all considerations!!!

  11. The correct headline I think should have used the term “Anti Zionism”. I doubt any current Zionist leaders were singled out. The rally was against their ideology, not against specific people.

  12. SMFGR: the official reason why the Williamsburg faction didn’t participate was because they wanted speakers to bring up the draft issue, while R’ Ahron wanted to stick to the philosophical issue (especially since he doesn’t support the draft protest movement).

  13. SMFG3: the official reason why the Williamsburg faction didn’t participate was because they wanted speakers to bring up the draft issue, while R’ Ahron wanted to stick to the philosophical issue (especially since he doesn’t support the draft protest movement).

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  15. What is all this religion about . Why do we spend so much time learning and davening. For what. Whats the end game.

    How can we expect other nations to be kind to us when we are laundering our issues to the outside world. It is so disheartening sometimes that I think this is all a scam this religion of ours, but I keep reminding myself it’s between me and Gd and everyone else can go to Azazel.

  16. Rechavam Ze’evi said once He understand NK/Satmar
    and he understands Dati/Mizrachi.What he had trouble with is the bulk in the big middle

    Had he lived to read myriad posts in YWN he probably would come understand how most Frum black kippa/sheitel/snood wearers remain roughly in the middle

  17. Mamele speaks with a lot of wisdom, people shouldn’t get so personal, because Satmar Does NOT Target people(as a matter of fact they would be moiser nefesh for another yid), they target the apikorsus behind Zionism, that’s it! Get it clear once and for all !!, for all who say this causes machlokes in klal Yisroel, perhaps machlokes against heresy and goyshe ideals..

  18. Righteous- but still don’t you think there are better ways to go around the issue? Dont you think this is a massive chilul Hashem? Just think how the world sees this, they see it as Jews vs Jews. You think they can tell neturei karta by the Israeli day parade or protesting with Arabs? No, they can’t.
    It looks terrible.

  19. Litvishevhosid. I understand in a way where you are coming from regarding not letting the goyim see us divided, but someone has to let them know that these apikorsim don’t represent the jewish people the same way happened few hundreds years ago in Europe with the famous Taylung, we let the goyim know back then that the reform rabbis don’t represent klal yisroel, so then same way satmar feels they have to make it clear that these are not the same jews that they read/know about from the bible.

  20. RighteousJudgement: I am sorry to inform you That Dvrei Chachamim Benachas Nishmaim. None of us hold to the (old) Zinonistic ideaology. If your brother misbehaves, You will throw him out in the street in front of your and his enemies? No, a better way is by constantly trying to rehabilitate him by providing therapy and being an excellent role modle. I am sorry to inform you that you wont be a role mother if you can not even get along with your own brother over POWER/KAVOD

  21. Righous: The only way not to fall pray in the hands of Zionistic ideaolgy is by infusing Torah and Kedush in your life. No other way. R Dessler Zasal’ writes that you should love in your heart those that you hate or you disagree with. Why? Because the “hearts speak with each other” If you are 100% truthful with your Derech, you will get the biggest Rasha change his ways. But wait a minute, may be we are also Reshaim? Who says that we are so perfect?

  22. I wonder how much they were paid for their chillul Hashem.

    RJ, you are right. It is a machloket between those who believe in Hashem and His advancement of the Geula and the those who believe in the anti-Zionist heresy.

    Mammele, the real reason is that whatever one is for the other is against. When one endorsed Clinton the other endorsed Trump.

  23. So… let me get this straight. A sign of “achdus” when Jews come together to criticize and marginalize fellow Jews beliefs and their way of connecting to Hashem.
    And… this incredible event of “achdus” was organized by Satmar, the poster child of Achdus, and half of them boycott the event?!?!?!
    Am I missing something or is this just beyond pathetic

  24. litvishechossid,Allan,etc.
    Could be
    Or it could be the inverse

    e.g.An old British member of academia says that their original support for the Jewish return to Zion was premised on their dream that through it would come about a new biblical covenant with the world and instead, all that the world got was this .. sad secular state
    That is Chillul HASHEM

  25. Time,
    1. The state is presently the proverbial half a glass. Shabbat and yamim tovim are national days of rest. All non-essential government offices are even closed on Chol haMoed. The IDF, governmental and quasi-governmental institutions only serve kosher food (and woe to the secular or non-Jewish soldier who brings chametz onto a base during Pesach). The supposedly secular Justice Minister has declared that civil law should be based on Halacha, appointed the first Chareidi woman judge (daughter-in-law of the lat rosh yeshiva of Hevron) and wants to bring in more observant Jews. As Rav Aviner said, if your child sometimes misbehaves you do not throw him out of the house. The problems are simply growing pains.

    2. If we are discussing what others say, Eisenhower justified his hostility towards Israel by claiming that most American Jews were not Zionists. Satmar and their ilk as well as their counterparts the group that calls itself the American Council for Judaism were the ones who convinced him.

  26. It is Time for Truth: Your logic does not make sense. Will of Hashem is Will of Hashem. Period. Hx has shown that people interpert what we do, no matter what. they way they want to. I will tell you what is not chilul Hashem: The signature of Hashem is Emes. However, when there is a clash between Shalom and Emes, Shalom wins. It is a clear Gemara.

  27. > It is Time for Truth

    “An old British member of academia says that their original support f”

    Who is referred to by “their”? The British government deliberately supported secular over religious. It was only because a certain owner of a popular (common-people’s) tabloid forced a small amount of minor concessions for the religious elements. And the language “new biblical covenant” seems rather non-Jewish to say the least.

  28. Avi K. I agree. You are a Yehudi. Bc you show Hakars Hatov for the good that exists and not fixated on the bad of other people. Halevai, we should look at the good that exists in others and focus on our own deficiencies. Equivalent of focusing on other’s negative is left liberalism!

  29. We continue taking things for granted. In America, there is separation of church and state but In “Zionist” Israel, the marriage and many other aspects of social life are under the frum control. Ther is no separation of church and state. The Zionist has not allowed refrum in there. It is funny how the Satmar is on the same side as refurm. That is why Rav Mordechai Gifter Z’L always said that he believed in “authentic Judaism.” Any new ideology is problematic. Chadash Asur Min Hatorah. Refrum is new and Satmar is also a new ideology.

  30. Takes2-2tango: “Meraglim rally”. I have to look and serach into the Gedeli Poskim, Achrunim, and Rishonim and see if such public activities fall under the same Isur of “Mesirah”
    BTW, A Moser is not allowed to do what he does even the victim is a Rasha (The Rambam)

  31. it;s time for the truth… you are missing the point. There is so much Torah emanating from the Aretz. Sure there are non-observant Jews living there just as there were many years ago. So much Torah flowing from the land of Mike and Honey. Choz Lararetz living is full of Chillul Hashem AND living in the land of the goyim. To top it off thousands of JEWS who are not only non-observant but don’t even know they are Jewish.

    We should make Alyia soon before history repeats again and we will create Israel 2.0

  32. ahava ,
    when there is a clash between Shalom and Emes, Shalom wins. It is a clear Gemara.”
    Hmm.. Which one?
    Sanhedrin 6b might say the opposite

    ” Moser is not allowed to do what he does even the victim is a Rasha (The Rambam)”
    Hmm.. which one?

    Furthermore,It depends on what type of ‘Rasha’.It has moving foul lines. Rather They were certainly Later Authorities who permitted or even commended Mesirah in some instances