WATCH: Thousands Of Satmar Chassidim Will Fill Nassau Coliseum In Anti-Zionist Rally; Guest Speaker HaRav Moshe Sternbuch


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Many people are wondering why Hagon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch from Yerushalayim is currently in America. He hasn’t been in the United States in over 20 years. So why now?

This Sunday, Rav Sternbuch – who is one of the Poskei Hador – will be the keynote speaker addressing a massive gathering of Satmar Chassidim at the Nassau Coliseum. The event was orchestrated by the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel. Rav Sternbuch is the Ra’avad of the Edah HaChareidis in Jerusalem, and a direct descendant of the Vilna Gaon.

The event was announced months ago by the Rebbe, to strengthen his Chassidim’s strong opposition to Zionism, and to strengthen their beliefs in the “Shita” of the Satmar Rov ZATZAL, the Divrei Yoel. When the Rebbe made his announcement to the event, he was very clear in his words, and invited any Jews that wished to attend (even non-Satmar) – hinting that he was extending an olive branch to the other faction of Satmar, led by his brother the Rebbe in Williamsburg. But none of the Chassidim who follow the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg will be attending, as they are considered much more extreme in their views.

In fact, many of the Satmar Williamsburg Chassidim were captured on dozens of viral videos seen spending hours walking around Williamsburg, Boro Park and Kiryas Yoel the past week tearing down signs announcing Sundays event. Nasty graffiti in Lashon Kodesh was spray-painted on sidewalks and walls in Williamsburg.

Last year, Satmar of Williamsburg made an event in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn which attracted more than ten thousand of their Chassidim. The event had extremist speeches addressing the crowd, some even in English – as they ranted against the Zionist State and their claims that Yeshiva Bochrim are being dragged out of Batei Midrashim and forced into the IDF; as well as their claims that Frum girls are being forced into the Military as well. Rav Aharon Schecter, the Rosh Yeshiva of Chaim Berlin joined that group as he delivered a fiery speech against Zionism and the alleged draft.

The Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel has previously given speeches – one of which where he was vehemently opposed to the violent protests orchestrated by the Peleg Yerushalayim that have crippled life in Yerushalayim. The Rebbe stated that there is no Heter to cause disruption and inconvenience to the lives of hundreds of thousands of Yidden trying to get to and from work, as they are forced into gridlock by the protests.

The Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel has also spoken about his opposition to those who claim there is a serious draft issue, and instead has indirectly sided with the vast majority of Litvish and Sephardic Gedolim and just about every one of the Admorim who have stated the same thing, that Bochrim should go to the induction centers as they have done for many decades, and get their deferment from the Military.

It remains to be seen what the full message will be on Sunday.

YWN will be bringing you a full report following the event, as well as full coverage of videos and photos.


  1. Why do you have to use the word extremist in every other sentence? It seems that you are making propaganda against it instead of just publishing news in a neutral way. Very inappropriate for a “””professional news post”””

  2. They are saying now that HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita will not be attending. So whats the truth? because if he is not going I’m not going to attend.

  3. Such a chilul hashem!
    Wouldn’t hitler have sent both KJ and WB “jews” to the gas chambers alongside the “zionists”?
    Why is it that we have such infighting between jews? A jew is a jew. Get along.

    Same thing with all the fighting over restaurants with various kashrus authorities. The Nazi’s Y”SM would have destroyed the restaurant whether it was k, triangle k, OU, CRC, COR, Kof K, etc…

    We as yiddin must behave well within ourselves and must start treating all jews as equals!

  4. you need to understand
    satmar has zero to offer today
    the young people are not interested in this outdated shita and have zero interest in this
    so every few months they make a demonstration or a gathering to show their relevance
    this daas yochid outdated shita is irrelevant
    nobody iis trying to shmad anyone in israel in fact the biggest supporter of torah anywhere in the world is the israeli govmt
    these people dont go to ball games or movies so they need entertainment somehow

  5. a few points
    1. boruch hashem its indoors and will be over in 3 hours and not in manhatten
    2. this has nothing to do with zionism , its more a state of the union as a chizuk for the kehilla
    3. thank hashem, for america and the freedom of speech
    4. rav shternbuch is here and ofcourse he is the keynote
    5. finally a big godol who’s old and familiar with history told me they have to believe there is only one shitoh , everyone else can know that there are many shitos. deep insight the hungarian gedolim understood their tzibur and spoke that way rav miller zatzl used to say that the neviim in their rebuke to klal yisroel also used exaterated terms in his tone and style rav miller would say arbaim shonoh akut bedor vheim YODU DROCHOI”

  6. FINISHING MY PREVIOUS COMMENT rav millers point was that on the dor hamidbar the dor daeah the term LO YADU DROCHOI was used …

  7. shame on them!! what a chilul Hashem!! how do they perceive the world looks at this? After 120 the Ribono Shel Olam will frown upon these people that they put their fellow Yidden in jeopardy. Achdus is the key word we should all be following, not this. This Rebbe is the best—no no no this one is–no no no. this Rav is the best. I once had a Chassidisher person tell me -ach big deal- Reb Moshe ZT”L—I was astonished. Who in their right minds poo poo him? how would they feel if I had said the same thing about his Rebbe? Never!!!!I in these days of uncertainty in Eretz Yisrael with our “dear” neighbors, they should be davening that Hashem protects them. I am disgusted with all of them!!

  8. Achdus? Unity? Hah! Ahron & Zalman are brothers & they can’t even get along! Satmar is the exact antithesis of unity. They wouldn’t know what unity is if it was staring them in the face!

  9. to meir g
    satmar history has shown thata its either their way or the highway
    if you dont agree with them you are a koifer

    look how they were roidef the klausenberger rebbe zatzal
    what they did to belz
    and the names they call other gedolim that dare do the unthnikable
    which is go to the kosel kever rochel etc

  10. HI All Again Yeshivah World for some reason or another has to publish this nonsense giving heed to Satmars Derech on Eretz Yisroel . I am disgusted already this for a Chassidus that does so much Chesed to act like this.My Friend Meir G Although Rabbi Miller was a very big Gadol to say the least This on one thing I happen to Agree on there are other major controversial things that he has said Namely on what our Families where going through during WW2. Meir G I think you should ask around as to what Rav Millers main statement that he said about the suffering that was going on during the WW2

  11. Machlokes is over 2000 years old and the root cause of the churban and Zionism is barely 150 years old. Won’t it make sense to make an Asifa to address the problem of sinas chinam starting with the 2 brothers themselves?

  12. Best & only anecdote:- I am proudly marching @Israel Day Parade this Sunday. Best response to this other lousy event. Of-course other action is to recite Hallel on Yom ha’Atzma’ut.

  13. Chesssed
    June 1, 2018 12:04 pm at 12:04 pm
    They are saying now that HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita will not be attending. So whats the truth? because if he is not going I’m not going to attend.
    Maybe someone told him that the vilna goan will be turning over in his grave from the chillul hashem caused.perhaps he is changing his mind. Time will tell.

  14. MG- and what exactly is it going to accomplish. The Kehillah HERE is not being threatened with Zionism (whatever the threat is supposedly for).

    Mainly – why in the world are they so occupied with Yeshivos and Giyos in Israel – WHAT is with all the thousands of boys that are not in Yeshiva HERE!??!

    Clean up your own… before…

  15. rabbi miller published many books in his lifetime but chose not to publish that book about the holocaust
    iothers perhaps his children did
    what a chutzpah
    i remember the signs all over flatbush advertising the book an insult to all holocaust survivors

  16. sammydoesit, your argument always struck me as an extremely illogical non-sequitur. Do you really believe that we should decide important questions on who is a Jew, on our hashkofos and on what we are allowed or not allowed to eat in deference to how Hitler yimach shmo vzichro would behave? Because this is what you are suggesting.

  17. To samydoesit: I fully agree with you. Such disputes between Jews were the main reasons to why Haskem Sent us out from Eretz. It is stipulated in The Torah we must love our brothers as ourselves. We are doing the contrary.
    However, it also says ” are Jews those who follow my laws”, and there is a serious problem on that point.
    If Am Israel still exists it is thanks to all the Yidden who study Torah. The Jewish identity still exists thanks to those they
    call “extremist” today. If religious Jews are to be considered extremists, then the no-religious Jews are Secular-extremists. We must stop using the word “extremist” in any sens because it generates hate, disputes and fighting.
    I think like samydoesit does. Our principal job today is to stick together – as The Am Israel. All kind of Jews must be accepted by everybody within the Community. There is one way to do it: every Jew must participate to maintain the study of The Torah. I agree, not everybody has the character to sit studying every day, but everybody can help support
    financially those who study the Torah because thats the unique condition to keep our identity alive. Please, Help.

  18. I really dont understand why YWN gives a platform that creates hatred & machlokes what a shame that yidden are attacking each other like this arent we kids of one father regardless of gender/culture/shitos/chasidish/litvish.etc. this is not trump/clinton the gadlus of achdus is when we have different opinions and we could look away and thats how we could bring moshiach amen.

  19. It is an עת צרה for יושבי ארץ ישראל.
    Reb Chaim & Reb Edelstein are requesting extra tefillohs & zechusim as a protective shield. Definitely not a time for an ANTI- demo.

    Go on fifth avenue to support Israel instead.

  20. I just dont understand what good they think they will accomplish with this. Is Israel changing their policies due to these people causing a massive chillul Hashem in America? If anything they can protest in Israel which would still be controversial but what at all will this accomplish having a sick gathering here in the United States?

    Just think of all that rotten money being invested in to this. Could have been used in so many more positive ways. Nebach. Truly an example of money that has no blessing and people who have no direction.

    A perversion of anything from har Sinai.
    Makes me want to take off my hat and jacket, take an afternoon off of kollel, and wave an Israeli flag at this gathering of moshav leitzim.

  22. These very same people live in Eretz Yisroel and get ALL the benefits they can yet demand its non existence. I helped my friend set up for her grandson’s bris and her son-in-law came in and demanded we remove the white napkins and balloons because ‘blue and white’ were the colours of Israel. We had to change to navy and blue at the last minute. The funniest thing was, her s.i.l is a baal teshuva and actually learned to dislike the state of Israel wher he formally came from a traditional family that supported Israel. (They now live in Ramat Bet Shemesh gimmel)

  23. Having several thousand of these clowns crowding into the Coliseum to scream gevalt about the terrible tzionista medinah keeps them occupied for several hours and helps prepare them for their next “asifah” to yell gevalt about the internet. Hopefully, this Rav they’ve imported from EY and been driving around the New York area in a motorcade of black SUV with sirens to lead the gevalts will realize what a chilul hashem this circus has become and will stop at JFK on his way to the Coliseum and get on a plane home.

  24. Zionism and Jewdism are synonyms
    The Vilna Gaon held dwelling in the land was a weighted mitzvah.
    Others think the State is Zionism.
    What’s more important is we are all Jews. who need to love one another regardless
    Then we would have power and no problems with our cousin’s in gaza.

  25. Why not have an asifah with a Maamar and Divrei Torah- do they fear no one would go for that? If they had an evening of Uplifting meaningful Torah insights on Strengthening Halachic Observance And Ahavas Yisroel, but No- To keep their youth under their control They have to offer nothing but Anger and Venom at Others, like Arab leaders do?

  26. Note to These Organizers: Israel has Hundreds of Yeshivas and Hundreds if Thousands of Men and boys Learning. If what you say about Israel is true, those myriad thousands wouldn’t be learning. But they are. So you’re lying.

  27. Similar rallies are often held in Israel denouncing some govt. action or inaction. Some of these demos decry zionist war-crimes perpetrated by the IDF against the defenseless Palestinians in Gaza, etc. BTW, the funding of which has often been called into question (The EU, the New Israel Fund, etc.). Although they might not be agitating against the existence of the state per se, the inflammatory language and tone employed at these rallies certainly harms the state’s reputation. Much more so than any Satmar rally possibly could. Of course, if the leftist Israeli rallies are not so well publicized — if at all — and the Satmar protests are portrayed on YWN as a serious threat to Israel’s existence — a false impression is implanted in readers’ minds. Namely: radical Israeli lefties demonstrating? Perhaps not so desirable, but no big deal. But the Satmar opposition to the state? Now here’s an influential band of people who really threaten the state of Israel — just like the terrorists!! This of course is the exact opposite of the truth. Intellectual honesty would dictate reporting all anti-Israel demonstrations, by left-wingers or otherwise. Not just those organized by Satmar, Peleg, or the Eida Chareidis.

  28. Its a bit sad really because zionism per se is less of an issue now than it was. The state was originally worked for as an alternative to authentic Toarh Judaism and a lot was done to undermine Torah and the Satmarers were right to protest. Today Torah is increasing in Eretz Yisroel , its a place to live that is now quite good to the Chareidi. Even the draft is just a lot of noise and you just dont hear a lot of talk about zionism as such. We really have lot more things to worry about today, in US and UK. Kids off the derech, how to deal with abuse and sholem bayis issues, stress parnossoh issues internet, the list goes on is it really neccessaryt to have an asifah like this. Why dont we have an asifah about limmud hatorah and emunah surely that will be more helpful. My humble thoughts!!

  29. I am NOT a satmare but I have been to a couple of these gatherings, and all they talk about is not falling into the trap of asimilization from the end of an heretic established system called Zionism, so tell me what’s wrong with that? What exactly is a chillul Hashem about it? Be honest with yourself. Evryone talks about that we should love sweet talk about everyone everything it’s true in way, however there has to be a strong voice to keep klal ysroel awaken not to follow the way of the rosha.

  30. a) This was actually a favor to Israel by drawing thousands of potential anti Israel protesters that may have marred the Israel day parade away from the parae
    b) Why Is There a Need to HATE Others To Speak Out Against Kfira and Pritsus (HEresy and Immodest Behavior)
    Let People SPeak Very Clearly and Long Against Kfira and Pritsus. If Need Be for HISTORY LESSONS speak out about the perceived threat of Herzl’s Zionism which was born out of a Secular Desire to Find a Solution to Anti Semitism which also Ignored any Religous Backgrounds. Which had some spokesman speak of making a “New Jew” that is a Secular Farmer as the symbol of the New Jew.
    But Regarding ISRAEL in Todays times where millions of Jews live and in our ancient land of Heritage is Another Matter. Millions of Jewsd from secular to religous to Chassidish live and freely learn and practice Torah life in Our Holy Land. And the Israeli soldiers that protect them and the land are Heroes for doing so. And we are Blessed that we have all this Today! And all answer Amain!