TEHILLIM – Original Founder Of Hatzolah In Critical Condition


The man who founded and created the entire concept of Hatzolah, is in critical condition.

Rabbi Herschel Weber has been placed on a respirator, and is desperate need of Tefillos.

Reb Herschel founded Hatzolah in 1969 during a time when ambulances regularly took 20 minutes or more to reach their patients. It started with a few volunteers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who carried oxygen tanks and first aid kits. They had minimal training but maximum motivation.

He got his motivation after a prominent member of the Chasidic Jewish community had a heart attack and died while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. As a response, Reb Herschel decided to start his own volunteer-run ambulance service, which he named “Hatzolah”.

Over time, Hatzolah has evolved from one branch into many affiliate divisions, becoming the largest volunteer ambulance service in the world. Chevra Hatzalah in New York has more than a thousand volunteer EMTs and paramedics who answer more than 70,000 calls each year with private vehicles and a fleet of more than 90 ambulances.

Hatzalah organizations now function in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Panama, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and in 10 states in the US: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Hatzalah branches are currently being organized in other states as well.

His name for Tehillim is Tzvi ben Miriam Rochel.


(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Reb Herschel is a living Tzadik. Before carrying oxygen tanks he ran a kimpeturim service taking women in labor from WMsburgv to NYC hospitals because there was no reliable car service (other than Black Pearl in BedSty). He then helped form the Crown Heights Hatzolo with Josh Silbermintz (tanks paid by Rivka Laufer BC) and he picked up and refilled the oxygen tanks when they were used. His Zechusim should be a source for a full Refua sheleima.

  2. Refuah Shelamo Tzvi ben Miriam Rochel.

    Satmar is reknown for Chesed.

    This is why all Hatzalah in New York City have Williamsburg telephone exchange numbers — “230” and “387”.

  3. @Joseph – Once again the fake news Joseph spewing his pack of lies again. Herschel Weber is not a Satmarer. Not at all. He is a real American, who was close to the Ribnitzer Rebbe and now Skulen. His children are Vieners.

    This isn’t meant as any pro or con in his favor. The man is a tzadik who should have arichas yomim! Just pointing out another blatant lie by Jospeh the stalker. Yes you read correctly. Joseph the stalker (in real life).

  4. Hatzolo has Rabbi Weber’s original personal number EV(ergreen) 7 1750 (or 387 1750). Nothing to do with Satmar. Whoever answered that phone would call the home (or store) phones of volunteers on duty (or Shul phone on Shabbos). This was before portable phones, cell phones or beepers.

  5. Joseph never said Rabbi Webber was a chossid of Satmar. He said Satmar is known for their many chasadim (which is certainly true), and that that is the reason why Hatzalah’s exchanges are Williamsburg exchanges, which may be true. No fake news here.

  6. “Hatzolo has Rabbi Weber’s original personal number EV(ergreen) 7 1750 (or 387 1750)”
    According to my knowledge this number belonged to Shmiel Avrum Simkowitz one of the first members to join R’ Hershel

  7. As I understand it, the Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoelish zt’l, was the one who encouraged Reb Herschel Weber, may be have a complete refuah bkorov, to make Hatzalah into what it is today.

  8. Not 100 percent sure whether the original EV 7 1750 belonged to Reb Herschel AMU”SH or Mr Simkowitz but that was the number used to reach Reb Hershel

  9. Who cares what chassidus (if any) he is or was affiliated with. Hatzolo is one of the greatest insititutions we have and Reb Weber’s model for community-based first responders has been copied in many other ethnic communities. May he have a refuah shelamah.