IT’S FINAL: Pindrus is Disqualified from Running for Mayor in Elad


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Degel Hatorah officials on Monday morning expressed confidence, but that confidence was not long-lived, as the High Court of Justice ruled the lower court ruling disqualifying Yitzchak Pindrus from running for mayor of Elad is being upheld. This was Degel Hatorah’s last chance to have the candidate approved to return to the mayoral race. The decision delivers a blow to Degel, as now, Degel political nemesis Mayor Yisrael Porush will be reelected. Degel and Shas were both backing Pindrus, determined to unseat Porush, an effort that has failed.

High Court Justices Neil Hendel, Yaakov Willner and Alex Stein rejected the petition and the lower court decision to disqualify Pindrus remains.

The Peleg Yerushalmi challenged Pindrus’ candidacy in Elad, stipulating that while he changed his address, he was not really living in Elad and therefore, he should be disqualified from the race. The court agreed and Degel petitioned the High Court to overturn the ruling. Now, with that ruling, it is final. Pindrus, who left Jerusalem to become the mayor of Elad will not be in Elad or Jerusalem City Hall in the upcoming administration.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. המקור לפסיקת בג”ץ הוא מפרשתינו “האחד בא לגור וישפוט שפוט?”……… הגיע הזמן שגפני ודרעי לא יתערבו בבחירות, ויתקפלו קצת ויכניעו את גאוותם, דגל קיבלו מפרוש כל מה שרצו, לא נדבר על ש”ס שקיבלו יותר ממה שמגיע להם מפרוש. כעת רואים בחוש שיש בורא ומנהיג שמחליט מי ימשיך להנהיג את אלעד. יש בורא לעולם, ויש דין ויש דיין, ויש יום דין, שבו יתנו כולם דו”ח לפניו, על כל החוצפה והעזות שכל אחד מהרצים לפסול מועמד חרדי, בפרט בדרכים אסורות, נגד דעת תורה.

    ולכבוד הרב פינדרס – וְלִירוּשָׁלַיִם עִירְךָ בְּרַחֲמִים תָּשׁוּב בקרוב בימינו לעולם

  2. Pindrus is of the best of the young politicians
    Isn’t it the height of hypocrisy for Peleg to go to the courts?
    Still rules are rules

    be that as it may Isn’t it it height of hypocrisy Peleg

    to go to the courts

  3. At the end of day, Maran Hagaon Rav Dov Landau won. Although he is associated with Degel (and eventually endorsed Pindrus to fall in line), he consistently stated that Porush should be re-elected due to hakaras hatov.

  4. I am so happy!!! I have nothing personal against this man, on the contrary, I remember well what an outstanding mayor he was in Beitar. But I don’t understand the logic of taking a man that resides in a certain city and make him move over his address for tax/legal purposes even though it is really just a game (I, for example am listed on my paychecks under a NJ address even though I really live in NYC, simply to avoid having NYC taxes deducted from my paycheck), just so he can run against the current mayor who everyone agrees did a spectacular job in fixing up the ruines that the previous (sephardi) mayors left behind in El’ad, simply because “it’s our turn now”. If you claim it’s your turn, ok, bring a good candidate living in El’ad that knows the city and its residents’ needs well and let’s see what he has to offer. But to go bring in an outsider just for the fun of it, without asking first what do the locals think of your idea??? Imagine someone from Omaha, Nebraska showing up by us in New York City 2 weeks before elections saying he is running for NYC mayor. He would make himself into a big joke. So I am glad the court removed this candidate. Once in a while Israeli courts actually do justice.

  5. I agree with commentor above, Thank Hashem. My cousins in Beitar tell me that he was dedicated בלב ונפש to all residents there. In fact, when they had the issue of the bankruptcy of Builder and Developer “Hapsiba” and the looming foreclosure, Yitzchok Pindrus and family moved into open shells, unfinished buildings, just to avoid the foreclosure and bank recapture of many apartments. That action saved the people millions and millions of lost money! Sorry for him over this lost fight!

  6. It is really difficult to understand how Pindrus a consummate politician got himself sucked into this mess. He would have been as good a Mayor of Elad as was Mayor of Beitar and Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem. He is a dedicated public servant. Was he asleep when all this was being orchestrated behind his back? He is more than capable of understanding the residency rules. Moving your address on paper is clearly not enough. A candidate for Mayor has to have his actual residence and center of life in the city not just receive his mail there.