WATCH THIS: Non-Jew Speaks Fluent Chassidish Yiddish


The attached video was taken earlier this week at keter Judaica in Boro Park.

The individual in the video is speaking a fluent Chassidish Yiddish – yet he is not even Jewish!

Watch and enjoy!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Does anyone remember Andre in Crown Heights who worked in the ice cream store & spoke a beautiful Hebrew? So a goy speaks Yiddish. I don’t see why it’s newsworthy, unless it’s about content.

  2. Not everyone who speaks English is an Englishman. In Europe many people speak more than one language. What is so surprising that not a Jew learned Yiddish? Why not surprising that some american born Chassidim do not speak English?

  3. This video is amazing and very entertaining. It is however also dangerous how a non-Jew cant speak Chasiddik Yiddish so well. Maybe he is really a Yid but does not know it. This is the first time I have seen this and it is a bit unsettling.

  4. A non-Jew who speaks Yiddish may be rare, but a few of them do it every single day on 42nd Street, at Fiddler Afn Dakh. It is winning major awards. Maybe some women should go see it and enjoy it.

  5. Man walks into a kosher deli & hears a Chinese waiter speaking a perfect Yiddish.
    Flabbergasted, he inquires of the owner “where did you find a Chinaman
    that speaks such a Heimished Yiddish ” ??
    Shah, says the owner, “he thinks I’m teaching him English”.

  6. Why does the guy off camera that some people break their teeth on yiddish. I have heard more ba’alei mussaf break their teeth on hebrew.

  7. It’s not Chassidish Yiddish either. Chassidus started in Russia and Lita. The Mezritcher Maggid and most of his talmidim spoke what you call a “Litvisher Yiddish.” None of them were Hungarian. Some were Polish, admittedly.

  8. Love this guy! So cool! I wish I spoke a Yiddish like that.

    It’s been over 15 years since I moved out of BP so I don’t get to speak it too often. My children don’t know yiddish at all. 🙁

  9. The whole time i am thinking, yeah, a fine Hungarian Yiddish, but i am picking up that clipped German pronunciation all through. Then at the end he said his father speaks German and he 1st picked up some German from his father. Hah! 2 points for me!
    Anyway, now he can run for office 😉

  10. Lol these posters trying to bring down proofs about Chassidishe chavarah who have apparently never met any real chassidim.

  11. Search on youtube James Cagney yiddish. He was the biggest actor of his day. He grew up on the LES and spoke perfect yiddish.