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Video Of Interest: Yom HaZikaron 2014 by the Kotel

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  1. To me it’s like a knife in the heart when they say “יזכור עם ישראל” instead of “יזכור אלקים”…

  2. Umm…
    I was at the Kotel tonight and they said Kadish, Kel Maleh and Yizkor Elokim.

    I have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. Reply verizon49:
    You be right that MDshweks is exaggerating a little bit. However, he’s right tha some people forget that it’s G-d running the state not the Israelis.

  4. It’s not about you, and feeling “like a knife in the heart”. It’s about those who actually did get a bullet in the head, or a shell in their tank, or a bomb on their bus HY”D. Am Yisrael should remember and honour them; all of Am Yisrael.

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