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Video of Interest: What would KIDS do with a Million Dollars?

2 Responses

  1. the chinuch of these children are obvious by their answers. Kol hakavod for those would use it in any way connected to eretz yisroel, hessed or mitzvos…

  2. This video is a big wake up call.With all our “Torah” institutions and Frum education system we missed the boat.

    These innocent kids are “educated” to know that money is for the betterment of torah and mitzvos but they say what they really feel, which is, that money is a way to indulge and take pleasure from this world.
    If any of us care, learn to connect our kids to want really is important to us. Go look up Rav Yechiel Yaaakoson’s classes on Chinuch Yiladim (Unfortunately for many it is just in Hebrew)

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