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Video Of Interest: Channel 10 News Report on Chareidi Autonomy Part 2

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  1. There’s just one question and answer that noone is asking or looking at. There is such contradiction coming from the chilonim; if they are indeed a democratic country that is western and stresses on civil rights etc… all the different brands of humanity they give rights to like the toeva animals. So what happens with “womens rights” here you have a community of women that wanna work and wanna bring their money in so their husbands can do whatever; whether it’s stay in learning, stay at home etc… noones business. But the women are doing the work with their own will. And noone is legitimizing that. They are knocked for working. They are insulted and being told that they have to run their lives like 100 yrs ago that the man must be the breadwinner. If indeed they are into womens rights like all the rights in the world then the chareidi family should fit that criteria perfectly. ahhhhhhhh, the problem and truth is that they don’t realize how transparent they are in showing that they don’t mean any rights of anyone. They don’t mean any equality for this society. They want to do one thing; pull our men out of learning!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They fear that when the Chareidim become the majority there will be an end to democracy and that the secular will not be able to live the life they are accustomed to . They don’t believe in democracy, if the majority will deny their freedoms.

  3. yeh, theyre never gonna like us.. its kinda ridiculous to say especially to a chiloni, i have 8 kids, i married off 4 and bought them all apts. its a joke, and to say, becaues theres a G-d Puh leeze. of course thats the chilonis answer, they live off the medina and the israeli working public. you and i both know thats partly true, the other answer is they knock on a lot of doors. it still sounds ludicrous. becasue it is!!! and if i were chiloni i wouldnt understand it either.

  4. I have the same problem with this video as the first one on this topic. My Hebrew isn’t so great. I would love to understand the whole thing. Any possibility of putting English subtitles to both videos?

  5. #1. I think the Chilonim are shocked at the lack of masculinity of the Charedi men who are dependent on their wives.

    #2. Will the Charedim let the chilonim live their lives when the charedim are a majority?

  6. Rc: you do think like a chiloni as u so admittedly said you would. I think as a “frum yid” you shouldn’t be commenting on a concept like this when ur not fully educated on life as a charedi in eretz yisroel. You know how much torah comes out of all those little quarters u’ve thrown into the hands of the meshluchim. Do you have an idea what it means to pay rent like in america + property taxes and everything else of the apt. And only receive a one year lease. Do you know there are pple that move around 4 times in 6 yrs. On average here? I’m sure u know what moving once or twice is in a lifetime. But u don’t know this… Fact is, every land, is ruled by diff govts. Laws and opportunities and eretz yisroel is no diff. But very diff than ny. Do you know that noone gets wic or food stamps in america even if they’re under the poverty line in israel. Chas vesholom if more pple gain ur arrogant, non caring attitude towards another yid what am yisroel wud look like. If you chanced upon a meshulech that took advantage; act and take care of the individual or rethinnk how to detect who and how to give to. But to put out such a blatant arrogant statement is the exact opposite of what the torah teaches us.

  7. geula, i do think the beauty of the kollel lifestyle in Eretz yisroel is remarkable, and i too was a part of that lifestyle. I still think its ludicrous to be forced to buy your kids apts when neither (or at best only the mother ) works. Yes in a perfect world when Moshoach comes all the bnei torah should live like kings all the while being ameil batorah. but we are in galus now , no matter where you live. and they might not have WIC or section 8 but they have bituach leumi, and kupat cholim, and subsidised education and healthcare, so they are “living” off the medinah. and if i were a chiloni, i would see it as such. they take and take, and they dont give back (financially) to the economy. Yes i do value the precious shmirah the limud torah provides, but i think if you want the chiloni society to change their views, we have to change ours as well.

  8. oh and i do know all about the moving around. i have three marrieds living there long term.and Americans realize, if renting is what you can afford, then renting is how you live. no matter how “inconvenient” it is.

  9. rc:
    please do not say you value torah learning cus you are so misinformed or crooked. Yes, i do receive betuach leumi and do you wanna know how much? 400 shekel for 5 pple. That can be compared to foodstamps or wic, can it not? And yes, perhaps your siblings afford better apartments where they don’t need to move but those that don’t afford it move all the time.. this is a fact. Lastly, it is ludicrous to think chareidim dont pay for their existance. Do you know that everything they buy and do they pay their 18% or more taxes for. What else does a citizen need to do to deserve understanding from the govt? And who are you to say that a wife’s money isn’t enough to buy a house? girls have a much better education in the by system in israel than in america which you are surely unaware of. They greaduate seminar with a valid BA and why shouldnt that be sufficient? It should, but even with that BA and the high rental costs and no govt assistance; it has been cut down to pennies; and by the way while you bite into your burger tonight remember that there are yidden in eretz yisroel that don’t have money for bread from these cuts. How in the world even with that BA can one make ends meet or live when the govt gives nothing to its own citizens. chareidi citizens live in a govt that watches over its taxes like a hawk and chareidim pay them like law abiding citizens. Their taaneh has nothing to do with giving back cus that is rehtorical as stated in my first comment. They want as you do, for chareidim to leave the torah you respect and “love” so much and give back by going out to work without considering the fact that their wives are giving back for their families. Only proving how they wanna change our lifestyles. I think your siblings would be very turned off by you talking for them. I’m sure they share my view on this.

  10. @geula. i am sorry you misread my post. i am not your enemy!! firstly, i said my children, not my siblings, and since i support them i am in a position to speak for them. and they do keep moving from apt to apt every two yrs or so, and it is a pain, but i cannot afford to buy them all apts. so that is how it is… i forgin you to get bituach leumi and everything else the medina is giving you.. bavakashah, you should get whatever you can, but realize that its not “magiyah” lach..just for living and breathing,. its provided by the state, and a deomgraphic group as a whole, imho, should realize that its a “perk” of living under their rule, they should be appreciative of what they get, cuz the way a “real” society “should” work, is that people should go to work and provide for their families. Its not the gov’t s responsibilty to foot the bill .. (in any country)

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