WATCH: MK Moshe Feiglin On CNN Responds To Hamas ‘Concentration Camp’ Allegations



  1. How convenient for wolf and CNN to leave out the context.

    Feiglin offered encampments as an option for people in areas to be bombed to seek temporary shelter. Something , he points out , was not offered to the people in Nagasaki or hsiroshima before it was bombed.

    So CnN , yimach shimoi, puts the ultimate spin on an offer of kindness, to make the offer seem radical.

    Down with CNN!

  2. Which idiot okayed Feiglin to appear on prime time CNN without decent media relations briefing? Like most radicals he’s so far entrenched in his own arguments he doesn’t understand how to answer a question accurately from the other side and come’s out looking about as bad as the Hamas spokesman (who’s name he couldn’t be bothered to note down).

    Israeli or Jewish people appearing on public news should be aware that they will fail miserably without a short course in media relations and without understanding how suhc interviews are conducted and what the interviewer’s job is.