Video of Horror: People Screaming Being Trampled By Rav Wosner’s Levaya



  1. Horrific!

    Were the people carrying the Aron trying to shoulder their way through crowd by brute force or were they being buffeted by the crowd?

    I’ve been at huge Levayas where they announce on the loudspeakers that the Levaya will not come out of the building until a way is clear. I gather this didn’t happen at this tragedy.

  2. While some pushing does occur to get close to the Aron (or Mitah) of a Godol , that was not the cause of the unfortunate tragedies that happened in this case , there was C’V no “stampede to get close to the Aron” like some news sights & individuals are trying to portray…..It was poshut poor planning……..they should have had the stairway cleared before entering it with the Mitah….L’Maaseh they entered the stairway with the Mitah when the it was jam packed with people & that’s what caused people to fall on top of each other on the stairs & ultimately caused the great tragedy , שנשמע ונבשר אך ורק בשורות טובות ושמחות בבתי כל ישראל

  3. Israeli Chareidim: Chareidi Israelis must institute a New Class for all Chareidi Schools in Israel- “Derech Eretz Kadmah LaTorah”, treat all people with respect for life and limb and courtesy and respect. No pushing, No Shoving, No Insulting disciples of other Rebbeim, Safety First at all Times.

    This class to commemorate the names of the Niftarrim- who died at this funeral, and the child who died of burns on Chol Umoed, and the man who died at the Motzoh Factory.