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WATCH: Suspect Taken Down For Shoplifting In Williamsburg At Remedy Pharmacy

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  1. Chassidim really need to learn the laws. It’s one thing for a shopkeeper to try to contain a shoplifter, it’s quite another for a person outside the store to assault someone, especially since he has no idea why he’s doing it other than the other guy is chassidish.

  2. reply to 1 : as if a normal non jew wouldnt help a shopkeeper hold down a theif
    reply to 5 : this guy had walked out with a bag full of stuff totaling $250 the owner ran out and grabbed him back into the store to keep him from getting away he has all of this on his private store camera , and btw this theif had a long time criminal history . so pls use your brain b4 leaving a comment thank you.

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