GRAPHIC VIDEO: Terrorist Rams Car Into Bus Stop On Malchei Yisroel Street In Geula, Then Exits With Ax And Begins Butchering Victims


WARNING TO VIEWERS: This video is from a nearby security camera, is graphic, and viewer discretion is advised. Our decision to post this is compelled by the hope these images will travel the globe and the international community will realize what savage, blood-thirsty animals these Islamic terrorists are.


  1. The ONLY thing we, as a Nation can do, is Daven to HaShem. Yes, we can protect ourselves when necessary. Yes, there is the IDF (B”H). But what we NEED to do is to turn our eyes to the Borey Olam and plead for Him to help His children.

    May the Karbonas already taken be enough to let His Rachamim flow. H”YN.

  2. What am I missing? The Israelis can’t be that stupid.
    Why didn’t he shoot to kill?
    The animal kept getting up! He threw his knife at the Yid and still he couldn’t him?
    Hashem yishmor.

  3. Yes 100% this video should be shared everywhere. Let the media deny what’s going on now after seeing this video….there is no disputing what’s in this video so everyone has a responsibility to share this as much as they can and ask that whoever sees it to share as well.

  4. Circle, I want to know the same thing!! Why should this animal have his day in court and share his message? Let’s share our message, if you attack Jews you get a dozen bullets for your trouble. He should have had more holes than a sieve.

  5. The cause of all these problems is the fact that the Makom Hamikdash is being desecrated by misinformed Jews that are going there bitumah. It’s chasdei Hashem that Moshe Dayan who was not frum at all left the Waqf in charge of this makom so that there should be no kitrug on the Yidden that go there beissur. Now that they are pushing this issue, Hashem is taking up for the Kavod of his Makom.

    Practically speaking, this enrages that Arabs and gives them an invalid excuse for attacking Jews. We should protest the violation of the sanctity of the Makom Hamikdash and may Hashem be merachem on Klal Yisroel.

    I am no Neturai Karta and I am against them fully but this issue has been presented by Rav Sternbuch.

    When enemies attack and don’t request that Jews change their religion it’s min hashamayim and teshuva is necessary and combat will not provide the answer although the attackers should be killed.

  6. During the shechita crisis in Europe during the first half of the 20th century, Rav Elchonon Wasserman HY”D was asked if advertisements, editorials, articles, and books should be written and distributed to inform the public that Jews are not barbaric slaughterers of helpless animals. He replied that the saintly Chofetz Chaim said that antisemitism does not come from the nations of the world, but rather from kitrugim in Shomayim on Klall Yisroel. If we are not careful with our our shmiras ha’mitzvos, HaShem will allow the goyim to start up with us. We daven towards Yerushalayim. We daven for Yerushalayim. Perhaps we should pay close attention to our davenning; how we daven, where we daven, when we daven. We pray for Malchus Beis Dovid. Perhaps we should say a few more kapitlach of Tehilim daily, and if we are saying our quota, perhaps we can say them a bit slower or with a bit more feeling and understanding. Eretz Yisroel is where all Yidden will gather to be Oleh Reggle, for Hakhel, etc. Perhaps we need to gather the a Jews of our own neighborhoods and invite them Shabbos, help find shuduchim for their children, help them find a job, take the non-driver shopping, etc. Just some thoughts. May we all be bentched with berachah v’hatzlachah, yeshuos and nechamos, simchah v’nachas.

  7. All Should Demand Why Obama is SILENT!! When Netanyahu said during elections there probably wont be a Palestinian state under his watch Obama admin Publcly repeated several times they question if Israel is interested in peace and may need to rethink US policy. Now with Palestinian Blood Lust Barbarianism out in the open the Obama admin is SILENT! This is WHY there can not be a Palestinian (Islamic Terrorist)State! This is BIASED Obama!

  8. The ברכה of יעקב אבינו to עשיו הרשע:
    “ועל חרבך תחיה”-they (his descendants) are using it in full force.!

  9. Thank you for posting. It was horrible but it’s important for the world to see.
    @circle, regarding your comment above. I DID NOT see the NEGATIVE as you did. I saw a FRUM, BRAVE-LONE CITIZEN run up to the scene; risking HIS life to HELP his fellow Jew while (understandably due to shock) other frum Jews RAN away from the scene. Why are you criticizing a Jew who’s was willing to take a bullet (or an axing) to protect his fellow Jew as others either ran from the scene, watched and/or texted? The man who YOU CRITICIZE was ALONE & his presence was what diverted the sub-animal’s attention from attacking the rabbi (who nebach was probably gone already) to going after him! He’s a HERO! HIS BRAVERY MOST LIKELY SAVED THE LIVES OF OTHER JEWS THERE!!
    Your comment of “what’s wrong with theses Israeli’s…why didn’t he shoot to kill? They can’t be that stupid…etc.” is simply put a CHILUL HASHEM!

  10. There is only one way to stop the terrorist.You have know
    what would stop them and ignore the world opinion.
    You can’t win a hockey game if you are not allowed to body check and the other team can trip you and can do
    anything they want,You can only win if the same rules apply
    to both team.
    What will stop an arab from atacking
    Step 1
    You execute the terrorist father ,each brother each male first cousin,
    Step 2
    You blow up the terrorist house.
    You put the terrorist body in a pig skin let it rot in front of blown up house for a week in front of relatives .
    Step 4
    You bury the terrorist in pig skins .
    and a full size picture must be posted on the houses of the female relatives.for 1 year.
    Putin sent a picture to the relatives of each Chechen terrorist who attacked the Moscow Theater being burried
    in pig skin.The Chechens muslims never attacked Moscow

  11. ‘ONLY genuine solution is in the spiritual realm ‘

    However Public Crisis demand Public Teshuva

    WE must Work on countrywide PUBLIC COLLECTIVE deficiencies

  12. Sickening. I would hope the “world” would see this but as you reported yesterday, the filthy evil media are completely covering up the truth of whats taking place. Even WABC (the self hating Jew, Noam Laden) here in NYC reported this morning the “tally” of how many Israeli’s and how many Palestinians were killed in this latest “uprising” as if its even, without mentioning anything about the terrorist activities!

    Thank you YWN for your true efforts to report what is really happening in Eretz Yisroel. I wish it wasn’t necessary. We told our son, who is currently learning in the Mir, to stay in the daled amos of the Yeshiva and not to dreizich arum. As parents, it is especially frightening.

  13. Yisrael Yitchock, While I don’t agree with all your steps the one point you’re forgetting is Putin can get away with what he did. If Bibi tried to do that the whole world would be in an uproar.

  14. Classic example of shooting a large caliber animal with a small caliber gun.Most handguns here are 9mm or smaller. Its time to start importing 357sig,10mm and whatever else the embattled law enforcement in US cities are using to reduce the gang population.

  15. The ברכה of יעקב אבינו to עשיו הרשע:
    “ועל חרבך תחיה”-they (his descendants) are using it in full force.!

    Actually, this is not Eisav, it is Yishmoel. Very different, unfortunately. The golus of yishmoel and the golus of eisav are fundamentally different. Eisav are our antagonists; our weaknesses give them strength. If are mechazek, they lost their strength.

    Yishmoel, however, is not counted among the 4 goliyus. Yishmoel is a different type of goliyus. Yishmoel believe in the same G-d as we do, and Yishmoel daven as well as – or, ch”v, better than – we do. They have their own strength which is unrelated to Klal Yisroel’s falling. They are the only nation to have “אל” in their name.

    The Rambam writes that Golus Yishmoel will be the worst of all goliyus, and that there is nothing to do – we must fight back, and we cannot make peace. The posuk “אני שלום וכי אדבר המה למלחמה” refers to this golus, where even as we try make peace, they are at war. How right!!

    We just have to be mechazek in Toirah and Tefillah, and be Ma’amin in the Geula Sheleimah bekoroiv bb”a.

  16. Thank you for showing video. Remember ax attack on NYPD officer in Queens by Muslim. These are savages and they must be stopped with lethal force. FYI it’s coming to USA and all Shuls better be prepared with armed yidden inside. REMEMBER Meir Kahane said every Jew a 22 – now it should be a 357 Magnum .

  17. the Arabs kill Jews just like the Poles and Ukrainians did with axes and yet the Zionists dont do anything to do the Arabs put talk peace. May we see the end of the medina and the arrival of moshiach.


  19. Karlbenmarx. The first part of your comment shows how illiterate you are. The second part of wishing the end of the medina shows how sick you are

  20. It looks like the first responder is using some sort of taser gun, because it’s clear that the shots are temporarily immobilizing the terrorist but not wounding him.

  21. @shtigertiger: Do you think we sat back with popcorn, watched this video, and enjoyed it?! NO!! Do you think for a minute we will ever become desensitized to the deaths of our brothers and sisters?! Really?! You can speak for yourself. Yeshiva world posted it asking for others to share and post where many others will see it and by doing so we CAN spread knowledge of the situation in Eretz Yisrael and how horrible these animals are through technology today. It doesn’t hurt the neshama to be nosei B’ol Im chaveiro last time I checked and so far, my guf seems fine thank you.