WATCH: The Latest Trump Ad ‘Movement’


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  1. Every single Frum Jew should vote for Donald Trump. Hilliary does not represent our ethics , our morals or our love and respect for Eretz Yisroel. Robert Rogoff

  2. Is ywn biased trumpets??? Why are they posting trump ads? Please if you are posting ads be fair and post ads for all candidates it’s not good to show everyone that you go for a certain candidate. Because you are showing that everything that you are going to write about the election is pro trump

    Thanks! At the end of the day YWN rocks!!!

  3. To Holala:
    I completely understand where your coming from and why you feel that way, but i just want to shed some light on this fact.
    obviously when YYN posts something about those against the chareidi tzibur (not the extremists), its not “biased”, its just who we are, and what we stand for.
    In this case its almost the same. By elections, an american yid should not vote whats best for the country, but should vote whats best for HIS country -eretz yisroel. its kind of obvious that the republican party is almost always the better option when it comes to that point of view, and in this case too. (in my personal opinion, i dont like both candidates at all, but i wont waste my vote on Garry Johnson knowing that my vote can help eretz yisroel). like Denis prager said that he is only voting trump because “he is the best of the worst” (something like that).
    So to answer your comment, as yidden which care about eretz yisroel, it makes sense that YYN will post pro-trump ads and article.
    “vote not whats best for the goyim, vote whats best for the yiden”

    -whether you agree with me or not on the politics,(which is fine), we all agree that its time for moshiach to come already!!