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WATCH: Is Trump The First President-Elect To Reject Intel Reports?

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  1. Trump, like any other top level businessman has access to private intelligence services that are often superior to what the Government provides. The private services, unlike the Government ones, must produce accurate information or they are out of business. Just as his private jet is a superior craft to Air force one, so no doubt are his private intelligence reports superior to the CIA’s.

  2. @1 Look up Boeing vc-25 (Air Force One) on Wikipedia, besides costing more than 3 times than Trumps jet its specifications both revealed and classified are vastly superior. As for the claim that Private Intelligence agencies are better, the United States intelligence budget for 2016 is 70.7 billion dollars.

  3. The current occupier of the Oval Office, the guy who sleeps upstairs, when not having a vacation or playing golf, habitually skips intelligence briefings.
    Either “intelligence” isn’t something that he is used to have around his persona, or “briefing” is too short of a meeting to be engaged in his usual pontifications, he taught everyone a great lesson of what the president is NOT to be like.

  4. Re comment 1, Aryeh Zelasko: And you know this how? Have you had access to government and private intelligence services, compared their content, compared their content to the real world, and seen the superiority of one or the other? Or are you just reasoning that “private services” have to be better because they need the money to stay in business, or because you believe that government cannot possibly do anything right?

  5. If you rememberObama was so smart he didn’t need briefings either. He found out everything on TV the same way the peasants did.

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