WATCH THIS: Police Rescuing 2 Frum IDF Soldiers From Angry Mob Screaming ‘Nazi, Chardak!’ In Meah Shearim On Thursday Night


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  1. Speechless.
    This put a huge lump in my throat.
    What happened to us?
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows the “kivsah bein shivim ze’aivim” feeling stuck on occasion among a bunch of goyim, alone and a little apprehensive. And how my face lights up when I see another Yid. Any type of Yid.
    Here are Yidden who have forgotten they’re kevasim, behaving like ze’aivim.
    What happened to rachmanim, baishanim, gomlei chassadim?
    Who are these people?

  2. Reading this story with such head lines I wonder how many wore killed or hurt by the guns of the chariedem? Also why when a chariedi is killed i don’t see such head lines?

  3. it would be really nice if the army would give them a place to dress up in haredi attire prior to entering this neighborhood. After all the animosity and tension on this subject within this community, it would just help in the bottom line of getting haredis into the army. This provocation will only discourage others from following. But I guess I’m wrong. The israeli govt isn’t interested in the haredis. They just want to aggravate.

  4. To all who are shocked, etc. what if those soldiers were walking down with massive crosses hanging from their chests? Or, say, something that you don’t agree with. Would you still criticize the locals for this reaction?

    So, really, your criticism is only that you disagree with the gedolim who said it’s forbidden to join the IDF even under penalty of death.

    Speaking of “kivsah bein shivim zeaivim”, it is Zionism, its heretical and idolatrous State and support for it, that are the greatest violators ever of this precept.

  5. If it was really true that it is forbidden to join the IDF (and especially when it is forbidden to join even under the penalty of death), then ALL Jewish soldiers should be accorded the same treatment as these Haredi soldiers. The simple fact that ONLY Haredi soldiers are treated this way shows the hypocrisy of the perpetrators and that they don’t really believe this “forbidden” thing themselves. It is a cultural ban, not a halachic ban.

  6. Number 5. Logic and consistency do matter. If one functions under the rule that we are forbidden from showing any rulership over Eretz Yisroel, it follows that these people who function under this rule cannot legitimately complain about (and certainly not abuse!) Christians carrying Christian symbols invading into Mea Shearim. If, indeed, they did abuse such Christians, then the perpetrators are simply hypocrites. You cannot legitimately ask “us” who have no such prohibition from showing rulership over Eretz Yisroel on how we would behave under such circumstances. We follow our system consistently, I expect them to follow their system consistently, otherwise they are hypocrites.