Greenfield Slams ACS Commissioner On Child Care Cuts


At a New York City Council hearing on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 Councilman David Greenfield got into a heated exchange with NYC ACS Commissioner John Mattingly on the proposed elimination of day care centers and Priority 7 vouchers. These vouchers provide day care for 2178 children in low-income families (ex: families of four making less than $22,000 a year) in New York City. These cuts would leave these needy children with absolutely no day care next year.

The video speaks for itself.

Click HERE to watch from a mobile device.


  1. What I love about Greenfield is he is NOT a politician but a fighter for his community.

    Do people still think Lazar would have had the guts to speak up like this and do what was right?

    You can see from this video that Greenfield was NOT doing this as a re election video op. greenfield is real and means business and sure knows how to make a good darn argument.

    If Greenfield does not win hands down next time then your all nuts. Winning by 3,000 votes the next time around would be a slap in the face to someone who fights like nobody else.

    The jewish community better vote this guy in because what is good for you is good for us.

    happy holiday!

  2. and which tax is he proposing to raise to pay for it? I know, someone else’s. We need a march down 13th Avenue demanding a higher sales tax and more effective collection. 🙂

    politicians wanting to spend money are like little children whining for sweets – except the kids usually grow out of it

  3. If more people would be working on the BOOKS not off the BOOKS you woud not be having based on satistics as much people making under 22,000 for a family of 4 and so forth