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VIDEO: Military Chopper Makes Hard Landing In Staten Island [UPDATED]

9:40AM EST: A US Military Chopper has reportedly made a hard landing at Clove Lakes Park in Staten Island.

Although there are no injuries being reported to military personnel, it appears that there are tree limbs down, and possibly a few civilian injuries.

A Marine Corps helicopter was scheduled to be landing in Clove Lakes Park this Memorial Day morning for a demonstration that highlights 2010 Fleet Week festivities.

UPDATE 9:50AM EST: There are ten confirmed civilian injuries. Seven have been transported to Richmond University Medical Center, and three have refused medical treatment.

There is no damage being reported to the chopper.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN / YWN-112)

3 Responses

  1. #1 Because it was apparantly not scheduoled to have landed there.

    But the heading says it was a “hard landing”, wrong.
    It was as beautiful a soft landing as any aircraft I have ever seen make any landing.
    Ok the wind from the rotors have have knocked a few twigs off a few trees becaue they came in a bit too close over the trees, but the landing itself was perfect, from what I saw in the video.

  2. Surprisingly, the “civilians” in the park did not attack the soldiers with sharp metal objects, steel bars, and try to grab their weapons forcing the soldiers to protect themselves. this “restraint” led to a peaceful resolution and no loss of life.

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