A Report From The Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund


The Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund advisory committee says that thanks to your donations through YWN, over $80,000 has already been distributed to 73 families for their immediate needs. There are many more in the pipeline, but funds are running out. To date we have raised approximately $130,000.00.

Dozens of families have been completely wiped out by the storm surge. Some have insurance and some are underinsured, but many have no insurance at all.

Please donate as much as you can to help these families in their hour of need.

The Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund is sponsored by Chevra Hatzalah, Shomrim, Misaskim, Chaveirim, Yad Efraim, Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty and local Jewish Community Councils.

Some real life examples:

Family K. Severe damage to his house in basement and main floor. He lost two cars completely. Van will be covered but car will not. Lost much furniture. Lost tons of clothing for his sons and himself. Lost a Pesach Kitchen. Lost many appliances, washers, hot water heater, boiler. Lost a lot of work. Recently had back surgery, and is supposed to be resting, but is homeless due to this. His job at nursing home may be no longer, due to the fact that he worked at a nursing home, which was severely flooded as well.

Family S. Lost entire basement apartment, where she rented. Landlord is unreachable. Lost all her furniture. Lost all of her baby equipment (she has an 8month old, a toddler, and is pregnant). Lost a Freezer. She Lost all her clothing, including, maternity clothing. Her husband lost his clothing as well. Her husband is a Sofer and lost all of his equipment, including, cloths, scraper, lamp, ink, etc. They are currently homeless, and are in a lot of pain.

Family H. Rented apartment completely destroyed by flood. Has no rental insurance. He has lost everything, including furniture, toys for his kids, and clothing for himself, wife, and kids. They lost their washer and dryer and all kitchen appliances and dishes and utensils.

Family W. Major flooding in his home. He lost all of his plumbing appliances. He needs basement and some main level gutted and redone. He lost his minivan. He is in financial crisis aside from this already. He is completely lost.

Family G. Lost entire apartment he rented with his family. They are currently homeless, and started out in tremendous financial distress as is. They have many children, two with disabilities. He is unemployed. They lost all of their clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. He is currently living in the shul, and has no clothing for himself or his children.

Family B. Major damage to house from flooding. Lost rent income from tenants, as apt. is destroyed. Lost two hot water heaters, two boilers, sun pumps, appliances. They lost daughters bedrooms, including furniture, clothing and linens.

Family G. They were renting and their entire apt. got destroyed. They lost everything, from furniture, clothing, appliances, and toys. No insurance.

Family M. They were renting, and their entire apt was destroyed. They have lost all of their furniture, their washer and dryer, two microwaves and all of their kitchen appliances. They have lost clothing and linens and seforim as well.

Family H. They had major damages to home from sewage back up and flooding. Home has to be gutted and redone from plumbing and electric up. Appliances need to be replaced. Home is not livable. They have animal droppings, which got in via hurricane, and are all over their furniture and belongings. This may not be covered by insurance.

Family Y. This is a large family living on low income as it is. They are renters, so nothing is covered. They have lost a tremendous amount, including washer and dryer, clothing, some furniture, many seforim (they had an entire library in their basement, which went under at least 6 ft. of water. They cannot currently live at home as whole basement needs to be ripped out and they have to locate their landlord who is MIA.

If you know of any individual or family in serious need of emergency assistance, please contact any of the organizations involved with the Hurricane Sandy Chesed Fund. (Local Hatzalah groups, Shomrim, Misaskim, Chaveirim, Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, Yad Ephraim and neighborhood Jewish Community Councils)

We are grateful for the outpouring of support and generosity of those who have already donated and urge others who have not to please help the people who need our help at this time.

The Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund was formed by Councilman David G. Greenfield at a meeting two weeks ago in his office to thank the groups for their efforts since the storm hit and to improve coordination between them. All proceeds of theEmergency Sandy Chesed Fund are going directly to victims and victim services.

Please give generously by making out a check to the “Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund” and mailing it to 1340 East 9th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11230 c/o Chevra Hatzalah or online at

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