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50 Percent Off Brand Name Cookbooks

As the month of Kislev comes in, with Chanukah fast approaching, consumers start thinking of what to buy as gifts for their friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Cookbooks have always been a fast favorite, and every year we see a plethora of new cookbooks hitting the market in time for Chanukah. Very often, though, when people tally up the amount of books they will need – the list may include multiple teachers, principals, work colleagues, family and friends – the cost of the impending purchase is staggering, and poses a challenge to many a pocketbook.

Enter Israel Bookshop’s Pre-Chanukah Cookbook Sale. This consumer-conscious company has decided to offer some of its best cookbooks – by famous authors such as Estee Kafra, Sarah M. Lasry, and the folks at The Peppermill – at an amazing 50% discount off of retail price, now through Chanukah. Now you can load up on gifts, by popular cooking pros featuring world-class recipes, at half the price you would normally pay throughout the year. That’s double the amount of books, or half of the money – either way you look at it, this is savings you can use!

CLICK HERE for more information, and, B’tayavon!


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