$5,000 for a Shabbos with the Rebbe

(Thursday, November 24th, 2011 08:00 PM)

Seeking to extricate its mosdos from the fiscal abyss, the Chernobyl chassidus is offering a Shabbos with the rebbe shlita in a private facility at the cost of $5,000 a person. The special Shabbos Parshas Toldos is limited to 30 people who can afford this and wish to take part, adding it will take place in Tzfat.

According to a Chadrei Chareidim report, each of the participants will during the course of Shabbos have private time with the rebbe, during which time they will receive a bracha and have an opportunity to consult with him.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. proud orthodox jew says:

    Its true that its a bizayon but the Rebbe has Rabbeim that can’t put food on the table and schools that can’t educate children…

  2. RamatShilo says:

    sounds like a good gig… my house for $2000.00

  3. tina18 says:

    Why doesn’t he just make it 2500 for 60 people?

  4. bestbubby says:

    Don’t start complaining, we went through this last year.

  5. mamashtakah says:

    Can women do this as well?

  6. dovid2 says:

    If a streiml is $1,500, the good Rebbe should ask 1,000 of his chasidim to be moser nefesh and sell their streimls. They could raise $1.5 million this way and pay the rebbis’ salaries. There is no chiuv to wear a streiml, but there certainly is a chiuv of Talmud Torah and paying rebbis on time.

  7. REACTION says:

    Wow, NASI is selling our daughters, the Rebbe is selling our Shabbos what else is for sale? Oh I know to be part of the velt! Enjoy your Turkey for Sale and don’t charge your Orchim.

  8. YonasonW says:

    What ever happened to the simple Jew?

  9. theprof1 says:

    big deal $5000 a shabbos. Gerrer chasidim paid $50,000 to spend 2 days with the Gerrer Rebbe next week in Italy. But then at least they are receiving QUALITY.

  10. mikehall12382 says:

    anybody can spend shabbos with me and my family and it will only cost you a nice bottle of wine.

  11. NotSure says:

    Such negativity!

  12. villingerrebbe says:

    re: #10. I don’t understand this comment that the Gerrer Shabbos is “at least receiving quality”. The Chernobylerr Rebbe is a great tzaddik and the event will certainly be a great chizuk for all.

  13. Guter yid says:

    Some commentators here appear to belong to the OWS fringes, since when can somebody decide where and how some rich person may spend his money.
    If one is leasing a Bentley or Merceds its fine, if he has the money, let him spend it the way he wants, if he wants to buy a nice big house, who cares, its his money, same goes here, they rake up a group of wealthy people who want to have the honor of a private shabbos with the rebbe, let them enjoy it.
    Besides, this is another “fund raising event” for the mosdos, many mosdos are doing this, just like a dinner or parlor meeting.

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