$5,000 for a Shabbos with the Rebbe


Seeking to extricate its mosdos from the fiscal abyss, the Chernobyl chassidus is offering a Shabbos with the rebbe shlita in a private facility at the cost of $5,000 a person. The special Shabbos Parshas Toldos is limited to 30 people who can afford this and wish to take part, adding it will take place in Tzfat.

According to a Chadrei Chareidim report, each of the participants will during the course of Shabbos have private time with the rebbe, during which time they will receive a bracha and have an opportunity to consult with him.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Its true that its a bizayon but the Rebbe has Rabbeim that can’t put food on the table and schools that can’t educate children…

  2. If a streiml is $1,500, the good Rebbe should ask 1,000 of his chasidim to be moser nefesh and sell their streimls. They could raise $1.5 million this way and pay the rebbis’ salaries. There is no chiuv to wear a streiml, but there certainly is a chiuv of Talmud Torah and paying rebbis on time.

  3. Wow, NASI is selling our daughters, the Rebbe is selling our Shabbos what else is for sale? Oh I know to be part of the velt! Enjoy your Turkey for Sale and don’t charge your Orchim.

  4. big deal $5000 a shabbos. Gerrer chasidim paid $50,000 to spend 2 days with the Gerrer Rebbe next week in Italy. But then at least they are receiving QUALITY.

  5. re: #10. I don’t understand this comment that the Gerrer Shabbos is “at least receiving quality”. The Chernobylerr Rebbe is a great tzaddik and the event will certainly be a great chizuk for all.

  6. Some commentators here appear to belong to the OWS fringes, since when can somebody decide where and how some rich person may spend his money.
    If one is leasing a Bentley or Merceds its fine, if he has the money, let him spend it the way he wants, if he wants to buy a nice big house, who cares, its his money, same goes here, they rake up a group of wealthy people who want to have the honor of a private shabbos with the rebbe, let them enjoy it.
    Besides, this is another “fund raising event” for the mosdos, many mosdos are doing this, just like a dinner or parlor meeting.