Op-Ed: Republicans Have A Major Jewish Problem


[The following is by David E. Harris, President and CEO, National Jewish Democratic Council]

In the last two weeks, the Republican Party has demonstrated that it is simply out of touch with the majority of American Jews. First, its standard bearer selected a running mate who has been criticized by the Jewish community for his plans to end Medicare as we know it and gut the social safety net. Then, its 2012 official party platform took policy stands that are the opposite of those held by most Jews. When you add on RNC Platform Chair Gov. Bob McDonnell mixing up former President Ronald Reagan with Rabbi Hillel – well, the GOP has proven that there isn’t much room in their tent for most Jews.

But if that weren’t enough proof of the wide chasm separating the Republican Party from most American Jews, two of their representatives emerged in recent days as poster children for why Jewish voters do not trust or support the GOP. Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) made his outrageously offensive statements on rape – the policies of which are now enshrined in the GOP’s official platform. Akin then bucked party leadership – including Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – to remain a candidate for the Missouri Senate seat. And, according to a news report broken by POLITICO, Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.) and several of his colleagues took a less-than-kosher nighttime dip in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) during their Israel trip last summer – behavior that reportedly enraged House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in Congress.

As Americans begin to tune back in to politics in the coming weeks, they’re going to see a Republican Party that is more extreme than the one they last saw two and four years ago. To put it plainly, the GOP of 2012 will help reinforce why most American Jews will be backing President Obama.

[David A. Harris serves as the President and CEO of the National Jewish Democratic Council. David previously worked as NJDC’s deputy executive director for seven years, and as the executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition for three years. David has also served as the director of governmmental and public affairs for the American Jewish Congress and as the Washington representative for the Israel Policy Forum; in Democratic politics, David was a congressional fellow for the late Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.) and a congressional campaign manager as well. David is a native of West Lafayette, Ind., and now lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Megan.]

(Source: Politico)


  1. in Democratic politics, David was a congressional fellow for the late Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.) and a congressional campaign manager as well. David is a native of West Lafayette, Ind., and now lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Megan.

  2. What a joke!!! If Jews have any problem with a party , it is with the Demcratic party- anti-Israel by its standard bearer, the President, pro-unlimited abortion by the Party, pro-gay marriage by the rank and file…and the Republicans have a Problem with the Jewish voter?

  3. Sir, don’t even bather.

    Either you’re getting paid very well (and we won’t ask from who’s money…), or you are a “Jew” to which Judaism doesn’t determon what you stand for.

    The so caled ‘medicade cause’ is more Jewish to you than the definition of marriage as in the Jewish tradition, and Killing babies is to you a Jewish idea too…

    and by the way, we know the truth. Ryan’s plan is actually to save medicade from the clauses of Obamacare.

  4. HELP….Obama with his Islamic agenda and Hillary (the lady with all the government secrets) with her Moslem Brotherhood aid..we are in for dire troubles.

  5. I, for one, am more concerned about high unemployment, huge deficits, Obama-Care, Iran, energy production, class-warfare, etc.

  6. This is as partisan an article as you will find. What is worse it continues to push “the big lie”. What is the “big lie”? As stated in this article…”his plans to end Medicare as we know it”. It is pathetic that President Obama is getting away with this without challenge. In truth, (and this is public record)the ones who plotted “…to end Medicare as we know it” are no other than President Obama and those members of Congress enacted Obamacare into law. Where did they get the funding for the first phase of Obamacare that is already in effect – from Medicare Advantage plans. Once again this is public record…$800 million was taken from this program. As a result, participants in this long existing program (those that don’t have Medi-Gap coverage) have had to pay more in terms of co-pays and general coverage. Just in case you don’t know, Medicare Advantage participants are usually less able to afford Medi-gap coverage. By the way, it is not always referred to as Medicare Advantage. There are a number of localplans where the Social Security recipient can participate without having to pay an additional premium. Although there is less choice in Doctors, it is an option (or at least was)for people who cannot afford better. Obamacare plans to fully phase this out as a way of funding their program. …and by the way, Medicare Advantage participants ARE NOT eligible for Obamacare. So you tell me…who has plans to end Medicare as we know it?

  7. stupidest article I have ever seen!

    If the bar for Jewish support is government subsidies then you vote democrat across the board even if they want to wipe Israel off the map (which I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama does)

    However, if you equate Jewish with Israel, Romney’s VP pick is strongly pro-Israel and hence strongly pro-Jewish

    To say Ryan is horrible for the Jewish vote is understandably a democratic view more than a Jewish view

  8. Just a desperate Democrat attempt to seed some more hatred into a hateful Chicago-style Campaign. As anyone with a half a brain would tell you- nothing in this Op-Ed has any substance.
    For example: Just because someone is registered as a Republican and throws a dumb comment- does not mean the party is using is as a platform. With every single GOP party member denouncing this member – obviously proves that this DemoRat is pinning himself on a Gotchya moment – which will, with Hashems help dissipate along with the Democrats bankrupt agenda…

  9. Reading your bio you are a pathetic spokesman for Jews. Even To be a non Jew and be Democratic means your like the NY Times ANTI PATRIOTIC, anti American anti Jewish ,anti descency anti basic fundementally moralaty like most of descent Americans will show u on election day -WISE UP

  10. On the contrary, with the changing demographics of the Jewish community, the Democrats overwhelming commitment to abortion, mandatory contraception (in Obamacare – it has the same status as measles vaccines), gay marriage, and persecution of religious groups that don’t accept the Democrats’ sexual and religious beliefs – the Jewish vote is highly likely to continue its shift to the Right. The reason their polls don’t show it is they are counting as Jewish persons with no religious and social connections to the Jewish community as being Jewish. For the Democrats to keep the Jewish vote, they will have to appeal to self-interest (keep your entitlements, and your patronage, and your earmarks) over appeals to morality, and hope that Jews don’t remember that the Democrats’ style of fiscal mismanagement is what led to Hitler coming to power in Germany.

  11. Does this guy seriously think Jews will vote for OBAMA??!? Not only is he anti-simetic, he is anti everything we hold to be good and moral and truthful. Obama, plainly put, is an obamanation!

  12. Who is he trying to fool? The vast majority of the frum Jewish world will be voting Republican. Those that don’t have identity issues…

  13. This is one of those few times that I have to agree with all of the comments so far. Basically, David Harris is full of cr@p.

    On another note, my dear fellow Jews, PLEASE learn to spell correctly when you write comments. The importance of what you say is diminished by horrible spelling. Maybe I’m the only one who notices this but that’s the effect it has on me and therefore possibly on others as well. I’m not referring to typing mistakes like “u” instead of “you” (while I don’t care for that outside of tweets and IMs, it does seem to be an accepted shortcut). I’m talking about real typos.

    Back on subject… Please G-d, let Romney win this election. I fear for the future of the USA and Israel if we get another four years of Obama.