Missing Israeli Declared Dead By The Chief Rabbinate Of Israel


Amit Reichmann, 46, a resident of Nes Tziona, traveled with his wife on a trip to Nepal about a half year ago. He disappeared during the trip and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has declared him dead, releasing the wife from being an agunah. Family members however told the media “We are not losing hope”.

They left for Nepal last October, and his wife returned home and he was to follow not too long after. He vanished as did all contact with family members and they began to worry.

All efforts to contact him were in vain and the last place he was seen was on the ridge of Mount Annapurna. The family raised funds to send a rescue team in the hope of locating him or his remains to bring back to Israel but these efforts failed. The Chief Rabbinate has now decided to declare him dead and his burial site not known.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)