Additional Responses to High Court of Justice Ruling Against Regulating Chareidi Draft


Shas leader Aryeh Deri was among the many chareidi lawmakers and cabinet ministers who responded to the High Court of Justice decision to strike down the law regulating the chareidi draft.

“The High Court of Justice ruling today proves again the severe disconnect between the Supreme Court and the Jewish people, which knows that throughout all generations, what held us against persecution and decrees was Torah study.

“The yeshiva students will continue even after the High Court of Justice ruling, to study Torah as did the Tribe of Levi and protect their rights to the inhabitants of the country. We will act with all our might to amend the law in a way that will enable the continuation of the existing arrangement,” Deri said.

MK Uri Maklev added, “the court erodes and undermines the foundations of the Jewish people by harming the holy Torah which is the bedrock of our existence. This ruling proves again that the court is detached from the values of Israel and the Torah of Israel, Torah study is the highest value. All our right and existence, the moral and moral property, is only because of the Torah of Israel.

“Unfortunately, the judges of the court find it hard to understand and accept what has been accepted in Israel for many years. The petitioners do not seek the benefit of the Jewish people, which is based on Torah learning from the creation of the world, but they try again and again to attack the Torah of Israel and the people of Israel The Jewish people have survived for thousands of years by virtue of devotion to the Holy Torah and we will do everything to preserve it.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)