Governor Spitzer Reaffirms Support for Parochial School/Yeshiva Education

(Monday, October 15th, 2007 11:35 PM)

spitzer askan.jpgSpeaking today in Albany Governor Spitzer reaffirmed publicly his support for Non-Public Schools and promised innovative help them in whatever way possible from a legal and public policy perspective. His address to the Conference of Administrators of independent and religious schools was warmly received by the hundreds of attendees from across the religious spectrum. The crowd was full of Yeshiva administrators and representatives there in Albany for a show of support to the Governor’s address and for the informative educational sessions that followed. Askonim pleaded for additional assistance to Yeshivos in the form of tuition tax credits, computers, security monies to protect mosdos and additional State aid for reimbursement of State mandated services.

(Picture of Gov. Spitzer and one of the local askonim.)

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  1. dave375 says:

    Enough talk allready, where’s the beef?

  2. Flatbush Bubby says:

    You got to hand it to him. He knows how to pander to the frum voter. I don’t trust him. He has violated every pledge that he has ever made until now. What is stopping him from violating this one? He is someone who can’t be trusted. Just ask Senate Majority leader Joseph Bruno.

  3. velicher choosid says:

    Tayere Bubby:
    I’m a lifelong Republican and I say “if Bruno mistrusts Governor Spitzer, then I like him all the more” (my quotes).
    Bruno is the downfall of Republicans in this state and I wish the Governor had succeeded in showing what a wasteful and horrible politician he is.
    Incidently, which pledge has he violated?

  4. Flatbush Bubby says:

    Just look Frederic U. Dicker’s column in the New York Post. There is a column from him literally every week. And the rest are available online.

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